Saturday, June 11, 2011

Broken Glass

Last night, the full crew of the Conclave of the Greek Key meet for work with Hermes. In a previous session, he told us we needed some things namely flowers, wine, bread and cheese. We had these on hand.

The working was very very long. I think I was invoked upon for at least an hour and a half maybe longer.

The gist of the message was simple. Live within your souls. Drop everything socially mandated. Drop societal mores. Drop insecurities. Drop. Drop. Drop. Live in the perfection of your immortal souls.

We are human. Obviously, we just don't drop everything like that. Everyone has various levels of resistance. Sometimes, in magickal rites, when the energy doesn't manifest as is in proper with the intent, odd physical things happen. In this case, after the rite, I reached for a glass from the cupboard to give my friend a glass of water. The glass had shattered. I assure you no one put that glass in the cupboard that way. I cannot say it did not shatter earlier but it was the foremost glass. I think I would have noticed as I retrieved others earlier.

It is funny how at times I will imagine what I expect Them to do or say. Such anticipation never meets with reality. This time proved the same. The odd part was that he spoke of something I was thinking of in another context: the perfection of the gods and man. I will post a diatribe on that soon.

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Pallas Renatus said...

You have to admit, though, that accidental and unintended side effects can just be plain cool, this being a case-in-point.

Looking forward to the rant :-)