Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Couple of Notable Issues

Some notable things are occurring:

Mind Reading

I have begun to literally read the Gentle Soul's mind. I can finish her mental sentences or answer her internal questions as if she was speaking them out loud. It isn't a constant thing. I have to be really focussed on her but it isn't difficult. I don't even try.

The other day in a meeting, I tried to read the minds of other people in the room. With one, I encountered a fiery barrier. In other, I could only obtain his self-perception, "I am good." With others, I got nothing at all except an undefinable block. I didn't push hard into any of the barriers. The odd thing was, every time I did it, the target look towards me and paid close attention to me. As soon as I stopped, the target's attention moved on to another.


I am very emotionally sensitive right now. Conflict amongst others sets me on edge. Anger in my direction makes nervous energy course through my body even when my mind is not nervous. After a bit, my mind will catch up but it feels odd to have the sensation start in the body and move to the mind.

I have no such issues if the anger or conflict is created by myself.


Hypnovatos said...

Sounds to me like you have become empathic, and are freely allowing other peoples emotions to enter into you without recognizing them as belonging to someone else. I have been on this same road before and until I figured out this weren't my own emotions I was in a living hell.

nutty professor said...

Great skill, technique, gift, whatever you want to call it. I think it is another tool for your healing work. This is the power of empathy, and if you don't protect yourself spiritually/magically and emotionally it can be a curse. As usual, however, I enjoy your reading your ethnographic experiences. Tell me, were you VISUALLY observing the others in the group each time you tried to reach their minds, or did they realize your presence ONLY by sensing it?

Robert said...

@hypnovatos, I thank you. You have hit on part of it. Though, my life is in no way a of yet...

Nutty, I looked at some and not at others.

Pallas Renatus said...

I've noticed that I have the tendency with some people to have thoughts flash into my head just before they vocalize them. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why this happened with some people and not others, until I realized that I was catching thoughts that were meant to be communicated to me. If someone wasn't trying to convey an idea to me, they were a blank slate.

Perhaps it's worth trying to read the same person multiple times in different situations and see if you get anything different out of them? Just a thought.