Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evangelical Invasion of My Father's Memorial Service

No, I am not talking about Westboro Baptist Church. What happened was nearly as disrespectful as WBC's activities.

My father was not a religious man at all. He simply didn't believe in such things. Yet, he fought and risked his life for your ability to practice yours. He saw what Hitler did to the Jewish people and said, "Never again." He found my religious practices laughable yet he respected my goal of personal growth and striving to purify my human nature.

Today, his wife put on a beautiful memorial service. Many people said many sincere and wonderful things about him and his life. It made me proud just to know him.

His brother took a turn speaking. He spoke of a loathing for his parents. He spoke of a loathing for America that he eventually got over. He then went into a fear-based evangelical sales job and asked, "What if I am right?" Really? You interrupt a man's memorial service with a self-righteous sermon and that's all you got? He said virtually nothing about my dad. My father would have laughed at his ineptitude and been angered by the disrespect he showed people of other faiths and my grandparents.

I have posted here about my issues with Christianity. I am not proud of them.

I can't post an angry anti-Christian rant as there were Christians in attendance that do demonstrate the love of Christ. Instead, I will pray for the healing of a very angry heart. This man wrapped himself in the flag and the name of Christ but demonstrated he has failed to find the love the Christ is said to have. Such anger, such loathing, such egomania is not of Christ as he has been described to me. Sad.

Edit: One of the things that keeps coming back to me on this is that the rest of the service was beautifully done. People obviously loved my dad. They expressed that love. It was beautiful. Yet, it is hard not to focus on the negative. I should be able to focus on that positive side.


Jow said...

If it makes you feel any better, it sounds like your uncle is honestly in his own little slice of hell already. At the passing of his brother, all he can do is be paranoid and angry? There is honestly nothing you can do to him that is worse than where he has chosen to put his mind.

I am very sorry about your father, man. I am glad that aside from that one incident that the memorial went respectfully and smoothly. Look at it this way: He didn't offend your dad, who I think would have probably had a laugh at his expense, and it make him publicly look like a jackass in front of family and friends.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see from what you have said about your father on this blog and the impact he had on the lives of others he was a really good man.

Unfortunately I had a similar experience after the funeral of one of my parents that a relative spent all his time talking about himself rather than my late parent. It made me angry afterwards, until I realized what a twisted person he was inside and that made me pity them instead, cut them out of my life entirely and work towards rebuilding my own.

I hope that you find strength in the days to come and that the anger you feel now fades away.

Robert said...

Actually, I am much more at peace with that than I thought I would be. I am much more compassionate to him than I would have been years ago.

Pallas Renatus said...

I have to agree with Jow and Simon on this one. From the little I've heard, your father sounds like an amazing person, and I feel for your loss. It is truly pitiable that his brother allows his fear to blind him so.