Monday, June 27, 2011

My HGA and Lon Milo DuQuette

This post will go to and fro a bit. I have a lot to catch up on.  The first part is a follow-up to a post of April 17, 2011. That post entitled, A Little Chat with My HGA, is significantly covered in this post as I update the results.

You must buy new clothes. This is not a want but a need. Never mind the money. Just like the removal of aspartame has impacted your body and spirit so too will this. Buy high quality footwear.

The new clothes have made me feel better at work. Some more new clothes this weekend made me feel a bit more put together socially as well.  The removal of aspartame has cured all my back problems. Occasionally, I will have a little pain but it is gone before I can reach for the Tylenol. I am stretching, doing deep knee bends and twists just to make sure all is well. I climbed a ton of stairs this weekend and took Lon DuQuette on a 6 hour car trip and only felt the normal pain anyone my age would. I am 100% pleased. It is very nice to live a pain free life!

You have always noticed that the flaw in the GD system is that there is no health component. The body is virtually ignored. To move and improve your body is your work in ZAM. You are not there yet but such work is not always linear. Begin now.

I have eaten healthier on purpose. I have removed by highest fat snack, peanut butter, and caffienne. I have added more fruits and vegetables. My diet isn't great but so much better than before. Without meaning too, I have found myself leaving food behind in restaurants as all restaurant food is too plentiful. 

I tried to sign up for beginning yoga but I knew I'd miss too many of the intro classes with my current schedule. I will catch the next round.

It is time to apply yourself to GD studies again. Turn off the ball games. Again, you will be happier in this and this will help your spirit, just like removing aspartame. It is also important for [censored]*.

I have finally started to do this. 

She is what you think she is. [This is in regards to the Gentle Soul.]

Lon DuQuette met the Gentle Soul for the first time this weekend. I view Lon has a holy man. Lon fell in love with her. He said, "[the Gentle Soul] displays a kindness rarely seen in this century." I can't think of a more unique or higher compliment. He also bought and delivered coffee to her. Later, he posted wonderful comments on her Facebook page. 

I will continue to show you past lives. Yes, they are real past lives. Like everything else, your understanding and perception of them will grow.

I haven't seen much of this recently but I haven't asked with a peaceful heart either. I have previously reported the items events he showed me right after that session with him.

Trust in your silence. Have complete trust in it. 

I have done so.

A Car Trip with Lon Milo DuQuette

I had the distinct pleasure of giving Lon a ride from his Costa Mesa home to Oakhurst, California. This is a long drive. Normally, when I have my mentor or Lon, who I consider a mentor of a less intimate relationship, I ask questions. I ask LOTS of questions. 

My last few chats with my mentor have been very short. In the car with Lon, I had only a few questions. One of which was such a stretch that it was almost embarrassing asking it. This allowed Lon to share what he wanted to share. He brought CDs and shared his love of Cole Porter with me. I got to know him on a much more personal level and found him just as loving and caring. 

He honored me by sharing his personal insights into the 5=6 and anecdotes about his own struggles with the little personality. These stories are his to share and would be very inappropriate for me to mention. However, I was pleased that his analysis of the five is right in line with where I am at and how I have perceived it. The six part is a very recent manifestation for him. Surprising! Though, I think this is more like a 'power-up' or revisiting than anything else. It reminded me very much of how I am revisiting elemental issues now. However, he said it just as I understood it should be. I couldn't say I have experienced what he had at all. But, I could say I have had enough experience to truly understand what he meant. 

Lon is one of the few personalities that I deeply admire. I will cherish the memories of this car ride.

A Sword

I have been asked to bless a sword for a newly remarried couple that are close friends of mine. I will be blogging about that each step of the way. It is an honor to be asked to such a thing.

Mind Reading

I can read the mind of the Gentle Soul as easily as I can here others talk. I learned this weekend that this form of communication is just as fraught with danger as other forms. I heard half a sentence. I could have panicked and jumped to conclusions. I could have been offended. Instead, I simply ignored it until I found an appropriate time to ask. This is a much larger step of personal growth than being able to read a mind. 


It has come time to do some goetic work. I will follow Lon's advice on the topic. I may or may not post on this. 


S.L. Æris said...

How does the HGA feel about quoting him?

Robert said...

I have thought of that. As everyone but me seems to find it as a sacrilege. I have seen or heard no negative effects from this so far. There are some things I do not report of course.

Every time I have followed information provided by what I feel is my HGA, things have worked out well.