Friday, August 30, 2013

Subtle Soul Lesson

My closer friend and working partner Flower posted this on her FB today:

"It's taken around 4 years of patience but Aurora is finally a snuggler. Love my sweet meow!" I was about to reply, "I torture her when you are gone. She is just running to you for protection." My soul intervened. 

I am not mean to the cat. So, saying I am would be untrue to who I am. Every time I try to make a small joke like this, my soul tells me to stop. Part of being truly authentic is to only speak your truth regardless of the reason why you want to say something else. There are two choices. Speak your truth about all things or shut up. Apparently, jokes are included. 

Not So Subtle Soul Lesson

When you live by your values and listen to your soul, life's struggles ebb away and things get easier. The other day, I passed the final exam for my first life coaching class. After 40 class hours, 80 study hours and 20 hours of peer-to-peer coaching, the test was still difficult. I thought I passed but in no way did I think I scored 98%.  Yesterday, with scant effort, I landed my first paying client after having about 20 hours with pro bono clients. 

Conflicts no longer exist with other people. I remain silent and let them flail away at their own issues. Only now, instead of judging, I pray they heal. 

I sleep great. No more insomnia.

I am making a new set of friends. 

I eat better. 

Life is good. 

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Yvonne said...

i love to read this. what a journey