Monday, February 7, 2011

Results of the Prayer

Since discovering the prayer on Saturday, I've prayed it often. The words are not always the same but the idea always are:

1. Bless me to the point of being ridiculous
2. Open up my sphere and break down my barriers (internal and external)
3. That I may act according to my true nature (True Will)
4. Keep me from getting distracted by stupid stuff

I have woken up twice having the prayer being recite in my head. Frankly, that is a pretty cool way to wake up. I repeated the prayer all day at work today. I felt at peace, blessed and non-stressed. Everyone from coworkers to grocery clerks smiled sunshine at me all day.

It would be nice if number 4 continues to manifest. I'd hate to forget this one.


Follow this guy: My Occult Circle is so far combining technically advanced ideas with spiritual drive. I like him. I think  you will too. Though, his tech appears to be over the head of this simple magician.

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