Monday, February 28, 2011

The Prayer of Jabez Cascades Through Life

This post was written very quickly. I have so much to expand on and so little time of late.

The Prayer of Jabez

This is beginning to scare the crap out of me. Doors keep opening. Ideas keep coming. That closing part of the prayer that I use to mean, "keep me away from all distractions," has kicked my ass. I've been so busy with classes, writing classes, reading, lectures and teaching that I can't even get my dishes done. While this is fun, the power of that prayer is amazing. Speaking of which (witch?)...

The Conclave of the Greek Key

My work with HD has morphed into a working group we call the Conclave of the Greek Key. The third party the HD told us about has arrived. Heretofore, she will be referred to as The Witch. In her first working with us, we learned a fourth is coming.

The work has so intensified that those that I am nearing full possession by Hermes. The Witch states she's never experienced anything like the intensity level of our work. Should I list her experience, the previous statement would be quite impressive.

The Golden Dawn

I am beginning to believe that Golden Dawn style magick does exactly what it says it does. It so purifies your nature that congress with the gods in the subtlest of realms is possible. Some may say that they can do that without such initiations and training, good for them! I couldn't do it without my Golden Dawn style training.

This sort of work leads to an interesting pattern. I've seen my work with the Helpful Deity (generally speaking) reflected in other graduates of the outer order. In this, I am seeing how the Golden Dawn has influenced so many spin offs and traditions that don't even look like Golden Dawn work.



My Bakersfield Tarot classes have been picked up for a second run and the first series isn't even done yet. The price has risen to $25 a class as well. I can see advanced classes in the future.

Healing Others

A friend credits me for vastly reducing the symptoms of her pneumonia. She went from unmoving in bed to up and about within twelve hours of treatment. Though, she is still tired. Knowing her, she will overdo it but I hope not.

Guiding Others

I seem to have found the ability to say the right things at times. Still not 100% but much better than in the past.

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