Saturday, February 5, 2011

Culturally Appropriate Practical Magick

Last year of his time I was given some advice by lot reader by the name of Elisheva Nesher.  She told me it was time for me to expand my magical practices.  I have done several things in an attempt to follow that advice. Among those activities is a small Meet-Up discussion group that I run. It is designed to obtain input that I would normally not receive and in turn off the same to others. I asked someone, who would not want me to publish her name here, to tell us about an "Aha!" moment.

She related the tale of her first spell. Someone was speaking without considering the impact the words were having on others. So my friend's spell consisted of the words, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." The impact was practically immediate. The speed of result was her aha moment.

Think of how brilliant this spell was. She used a cultural cliche' that stings with impact of the voice of everyone's mother.

I can think of many other cliches that may work as well such as:
  • Need to build a team at work? "All for one and one for all."
  • Need to find an answer or need someone else to see one? "As plain as the nose on your face."
  • I use a defensive trap if I think someone is going after me, this way if they are really not attacking me, nothing happens or they get the benefit of benevolent actions I do not percieve. "As you sew, so shall you reap," would seem to fit nicely.
I believe this sort of thing would work great because these cliche's hit upon cultural truths. We may groan when we here them because one of the very definitions of cliche is that of overuse. I think when they are riding on the back of a spell and the target(s) don't actually hear them, they will have a greater impact than normal wording. If anyone tries this, I'd love to hear their results.

Perhaps a greater impact could be achieved by using the target's own pet phrases where appropriate.

I haven't even stoen this yet and it is on my Robert's Rules of Magick list.

For more cliches, see The Cliche Site.

More Practical Magick

The other night I was in meditation/contemplation on an issue I am encountering. I keep taking the idea back to root causes rather than symptoms. When I hit upon an idea I was given a very precise vision on exactly where to drop the physical link to the spell. I saw the place and then a pane of shattered glass over the site. I immediately knew the impact such a spell would have should I use that physical location to drop the link. This was such an experience of fundamental knowledge that I had to note it here. Frankly, it was awesome. It is my hope that I can experience such visions in areas of the creation side of the process rather than the destructive side.

Maybe Not So Anti-Climatic

My last post, was entitled in The Anti-Climatic Tower. It appeared to me that there was some knowledge gained in that working but over all it was a 'meh' of a rite. Yesterday, I go to a meeting in a room that I only rarely have occassion to use. Alone on the blackboard was written this, "Forgiveness is giving up entirely on the idea that one could have had a different past." -- Anonymous.

Wow. So very very very true. This was my mind clinging to an idea of something that never happened as if I was owed that thing that could not occur. This is a reflection of what I was told in ritual about my mind not being my strength. Is my "Wiccan" issue, gone utterly? We will see. I hope so.

The Tower is often viewed as violent change. I suppose the shock of that realization could be considered violent. Mabye but not for me.

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