Monday, February 14, 2011

Purity and Prayer - To Know, Will, Dare and Keep Silent

As you know, I have been uttering the prayer of Jabez very frequently. It has become a hugely important part of my practice. I think that the process will remain so for quite some time.

I have become aware of being much more clear headed. Random thoughts do not intrude. Negative emotions are all but gone. If they appear, they are quickly dismissed. To say I am more relaxed and at ease would be to say sloth moves slowly. My rapid fire monkey mind has calmed to within three heart beats of a coma. I like it this way. My thoughts are not interfering with my joy.

I have also come to fully realize the extent of trust that I am placing in the Universe and my HGA. Over the past week, I've had many realizations of walking within the flow of my personal river. This is simply glorious.

To Know ... the knowledge of one's connection to the universe
To Will...the active choice not to interfere with yourself
To act only when acting has impact and having the courage to withhold action
To Be Silent…yes, I could add a line here but to do so would interfere with the above.

I call this purity because there is no muck in my way that I can perceive at the moment. I am not restraining myself nor am I forcing action. This is simplicity.

The more I pray, the busier life gets but every task is in accordance with the job my HGA has set me out to do.


I don’t not pray as Christians do with my hands together. The other day, I found myself in that posture. I realized that in Qabalistic thought, we create with the hand. Hence, its association with the letter Yod. Praying with the hands in this position demonstrates a faith in the universe to let it unfold on its own. It is a non-creative act of creation. To pray silently is interesting too. Part of that same realization is that the letter Peh, Mouth, is associated with Mars. Our speech creates conflict.

By silently praying in this posture, I am reinforcing the ideas contained in my modified Prayer of Jabez.


Of late, I haven’t had much time to post. I have students. I am working with two groups. I have a ton of studying and writing to do. I am also working on more public classes, college presentations and the like. Further, my after hours tarot reading business is picking up as well. My tarot class has started a new cycle due to popular demand. Expect less frequent posts for a while.

Speaking of posts, there is a post on Qabalistic Tarot on how I prepare for a tarot reading. I have intentions on posting about how I prepare for magick here. We will see if I get that done.

Tarot Reading
This weekend I performed readings at the Enchanted Cottage in Bakersfield, CA. I found myself quite busy. People came back as repeat customers and others came in asking for me by name that I've never met. I took that to mean that a reputation is being developed by word of mouth. My last reading of the day was in a private home. This was an act of priestly service which was very satisfying.


Anonymous said...

Whilst speech can create conflict, it can also create common understanding. Communication is the means by which we form relationships with each other and the Creator.

I'm not saying all prayers should be said aloud. But for me prayer goes through several stages that mirror the four 'worlds' (Asiyah, Yetzirah, Beriyah and Atzilut) with only the Amidah (18 blessings standing prayer) said almost silently.

Robert said...

I agree. I was merely discussing that particular prayer and its various and sundry effects upon myself.

Anonymous said...

Ah ok, thanks for the clarification :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool beans, thanks for the clarification.

Penny said...

I am a Christian, and I never put my hands together to pray, so to say "pray as Christians do" is kinda, you know, pigeon-holing anyone who calls themselves a Christian lol. I'm just saying.

Robert said...

Wow. I usedthe term as a descriptive one. I figured that made things clear. Sometimes we all react to words in a manner the author did not intend.