Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anti-Climatic Tower

I have been working some of the paths on the tree of life towards a specific point. I have ritually walked the paths of the Devil and Death. I wondered about the Tower. I have transversed that path in previous initiations. Yet it is the part of my current journey as well. What would I encounter?

Given you've read the rituals I've worked out in the past, I wouldn't belabor those details again. I will say that during the invocation of the sphere of Hod I saw the angel of the sphere. Predictable right? Wrong. He quickly morphed into the Temperance card. In short, that was permission to walk that path. Given that I don't change ritual in mid-stream, I finished up anyway.

When I called upon the choir of Hod, I took a proud stance. I was out of my normal magickal posture. I was then told by them, the children of the gods, that I so identified with my mind and that it is not my strength. When I moved to the choir of Netzach, I was told that my desire is what focuses every strength I posses. That is the way to victory. Yeah, I knew these things. It is different in ritual though.

So, I invoke the deity of the path. He tells me that I have walked this path and I may go on. He tells me of how the path for me revealed false choices. Choices I didn't have to make. Choices outside of my sphere. He continued by telling me that this will always be a challenge for me. It will be good to check in here often.


The upside is the path of Samekh, Temperence, awaits.

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