Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More on the Hermes Experience

I week ago, I made a very short post about a very incredible experience. It was entitled Hermes II with Subtitles. One of those subtitles was, "My God It Is Full of Stars." I think that is from 2010 a Space Odyssey.

I wasn't able to talk about it much then. The experience was simply so huge that I am not sure I have the proper words. I did experience the universe opening up for me. Obviously, I saw lots of stars. More importantly, they were all connected by some unseen thing. I suppose you'd call it spirit. I experienced it as Hermes. Messenger of the Gods. THE MESSENGER OF THE GODS. MESSENGER. How do those messages get transmitted? Though those invisible links.
Riding those links is simply an awesome experience. I touched the minds of others with utter certainty...Though I verified with the one person I know that I was 100% wouldn't be afraid of the experience, my mentor. I take that back. There are three I could have done that with. I choose my mentor because the thought was nothing that had been shared before in any context.

I mention this now as I found this idea within Frater Archer's blog, My Occult Circle tonight as I was reading his past posts. I think there is a connected chain of thought here. Though, it was express much differently than I would have and the Frater makes different conclusions, I still think there is a tie-in with my experience.

Thus the Gods are the first emanation of the Universal Soul, each creating a sympathetic chain of their particular nature and influence reaching downwards into the lower spheres of creation. Ultimately each divine chain anchors in the four elements and thus becomes efficacious in all things created from these. If we follow this philosophy of nature than finding the right spirit to deal with a particular problem isn't a matter of an individual name or class. Instead it becomes a matter of identifying the right 'sympathetic chain' which is related to the forces in question. Once the chain is identified it is on us to chose on which level - or chain link - we decide to work.

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