Monday, August 3, 2020

Planetary Angels, Intelligences and Spirits

In working with the angels, intelligences and spirits of the planets, I think I have learned something about these hierarchies. I am going to start from the bottom and work up. I know more about the spirits and intelligences than I do of the angels.

Those beings we classify as spirits of planets are agents of manifestation. These powers can make things happen in your life. However, their default mode of operation is to mess with you for they are also guardians of the intelligence. Their job is to keep you out. Once you pass the test, they become your helpers.

Passing the test is really a misnomer. They are not testing you anymore than a bouncer at a private club is testing your ability to fight. To get in, you have to know someone. That someone is your mind and what controls it. Most of the time, that isn’t you. At best, it is your habits of thoughts that incompatible with the intelligence you seek. An analogous example is you cannot gain the intellectual knowledge you seek by being lazy in school. Laziness is  barrier to that mundane intelligence. Figure that out and you are golden. This is especially true of the hierarchy of Luna.

While they have names, I do not perceive intelligences as beings. They are more akin to environments. Any name you have is a key, that is all.

The intelligence of Luna is called some horrible unpronounceable Hebrew name of uncertain meaning. If you do your due diligence you will also see the intelligence of the sphere of Yesod, which is associated with the moon, is the Pure and Clear Intelligence.

The first time I saw this was during a Theoricus initiation in my lodge days. I walked into the prepared temple room and could see the clearness in the air. It was as if for all of our lives we see through a filter of fine airborne impurities. When a skilled ceremonial magician, like my teacher, opens the temple the intelligence had a physical manifestation. As far as I know, I am the only one that perceived it at the time.

The key here though is in the name, intelligence. The intelligence of Luna is pure and clear. This means that your thoughts cannot have attachments. A thought about a red pen is that a red pen is a device that allows you to draw lines that appear to be red. There is no association to what those lines may represent. All you have is a red pen. In this space, you can examine any thought and rip away all associations. With just the intent of will, I was able strip a thought of three or four associations I did not know I had. Stripping those thoughts of associations were a step toward lucid dreaming, a very long-term goal that had eluded me.

To succeed, you must be willing to rid yourself of all attachments of thought. You must enjoy that mind set. It is not necessary to do this to every thought. That is impossibly time consuming. Yet, you must allow it to happen as often as possible.

I have not mastered the entrance to Mercury’s intelligence yet. I have not been able to define it. So, I will not speak of it much. I can say this. Just being within the intelligence changed me. For example, Mercury has a strong communication aspect to it. After being in that space, even if only partially, I appear to be writing the blog again.

Just getting into the sphere changes you. Practical magick is not necessary.

The angels still elude me. They may be a bridge between planetary work and sephira work. They may be guiding forces within the intelligence. I have no good answers at this point.

Expect more on this topic as I have further experience.

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