Thursday, August 20, 2020

Jupiter’s Golden Rule

The cool thing about theurgy is the constantly amazing learning curve. The universe is vast and infinite nature is well reflected in the mind of man.

During one meditation my angel told me that the Golden Rule must be reversed in the West. Instead of, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the rule should be, do unto yourself as you would do unto others.

Many of us would counsel our friends to stick up for themselves, exercise more, eat right, explore the things you love. Good friends not only say these things but help in anyway they can. When it comes to ourselves, we still have the thought but lack the action. The inverse Golden Rule says to put effort into yourself the same way you would put effort into the lives of those you love.

Last night, I communed with the forces of Jupiter. As I have stated before, each planet has its own intelligence. My view, up until the last week or so, was that the intelligence was the environment of the force. Now, I am beginning to see the intelligence as being of the planet that is a helper to understanding. In order to accomplish that goal, the being creates the environment and assists your immersion into that space.

As part of that meditation, I gleaned this. Everyone is just as important as you are. Like many revelations this sounds obvious in multiple ways but the thought really felt new. My belief is that our higher self knows these truths but our lower self does not. That is why these things are obvious and stunningly surprising at the same time. One is left with thoughts like why didn’t I think of this before and have I ever lived this truth?  

For me, the answer to both questions is you have. Often, we do not realize we partially live truths before they are revealed to us.

When this information struck me, I felt the emotion of the state of mind necessary to hold this as a living truth. I brought forth the image of a woman that I like but do not know well. As the emotion of that truth became solidified, I watched something expand. Describing this vision and feeling is difficult. Imagine one degree of a sphere becoming larger than before. Was that the universe, my perception of the universe, my mind or simply a sign in response to me getting something correct? Maybe, the vision was a combination of some or all of these. At this point, this musing doesn’t matter. I love the idea.

Everyone is just as important as you are.

What would be the result if humankind adopted this thought? I do not know. Making this real in my universe feels important. We will see what change this brings to myself and those around me.

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