Monday, August 17, 2020

Magick in the Workplace

 Now that my career in government is over, I can reveal some magical successes and failures in my workplace. I would venture to say that the vast majority of magic I have done has been purely personal and theurgical. Nowadays, I would say my efforts are becoming a more even mix between the personal theurgical (spiritual) and the healing of others. The workplace has been the only area where I have done magic without the permission of my target.

When I began working in a particular department, I was immediately introduced to a very problematic coworker. I described that meeting as, “Hate at first sight”. Her look of disdain towards myself was so pronounced I asked if we had ever met or spoken before. She said no. Over the next year or two, she accused me of being racist, a thief, and to being incompetent. She would go out of her way to make my job more difficult. This came to the point of writing mass emails accusing me of all sorts of horrors that included not only my superiors but supervisory staff that were not in my chain of command.

I am loath to do magic just because I am irritated with someone. You never really know if your irritation is just a personal quirk or truly and deeply justified. So, I did a spell in which I glued two shiny hematites on either side of a crystal associated with her birth sign. I used the mirrored surface of the hematite and worded my spell like this. “May her intents towards me be reflected back to her three times over be they for good or ill.” Two days later, she was transferred to another department. That department was the one area of the agency she despised. She had declared that if she was ever transferred there she would quit. She was true to her word and resigned within a couple of days.

The second time was similar but not personal. There was a high-ranking member of the department that was absolutely evil human being, at least as you can describe evil and a boss-like sense. She once fired two of her assistants in public during an official public government meeting without cause or preparing these folks in advance. She also called my then boss at 11 PM at night and demanded that a report be presented to her by 8 o’clock in the morning. My boss responded by saying it would take her all night to do that and she needed to get her five-year-old to school. This woman was unrelenting. The next morning, my boss went in and handed this person the report. She looked my boss in the eye and said, “I do not need this,” and through the report in the trash.

As time went on, this woman decimated the long-term staff in the department depriving it of crucial institutional knowledge. She would then relentlessly pick on others forcing them to quit. I knew the time would come for my turn in the barrel. The first time, I simply worked my way through her crazy demands and showed no angst or anxiety that she could see. She got bored and moved on to somebody else. The second time she came for me I was done.

I did a brief psychic investigation and found the most likely route of her travel would be North. I prepared some hot foot powder and charged the substance with words I can no longer recall to quote. However, the spell included some words the effect of “go away immediately” and North. At the time, this woman had her own office far away from the rest of us in a different part of town. Around one or two in the morning, dressed in a way that was significantly different than how anybody would see me at work and wearing a large hat I found in the back of a closet, I walked by her office door and blew the powder in that direction. I expected the stuff to spray up and gently coat the door and doormat. Instead, a large chunk of the powder arced through the air and landed directly in the keyhole of the door. Two days later, she was gone. She had accepted a job working in the state capital and that did not last too long.

The last time, I was dealing with a boss who was quite the hard worker and quite intelligent. Unfortunately, she was the type that would immediately complete assignments presented to her by her supervisors and do them extraordinarily well. Unfortunately for her subordinate staff, she did not care what happened below her. She would not get involved whatsoever in helping us resolve long-term intractable problems with other areas of the department. After a decade or so, this got quite old.

I did a spell intended to allow her to feel the mental stress she was causing those below her. It bounced back on me and I ended up going out on a stress leave for about two months. That turned out to be a great thing for myself, as it did prepare me for retirement. A good effect does not make good magick in this case. Not only was it unpleasant but the result was certainly not the intent of the spell.

The reason the first two worked is because the targets had serious weak points. Namely, that they had each angered a great many people. My second target also had a strong point that was also a weak point. She was quite attractive, had a way of networking and executive smooth for lack of a better word. Many people in high position enjoyed being with her. So, when my magic worked, it hit her weak point. That got her out of town. Her strong point gave her someplace to go in a hurry. Had she not had that ‘strong point’ she may have stayed longer and done more damage before finding someplace to go. The last one didn’t work because this woman has no workplace weak points. She is very pleasant and does everything her bosses direct her to do quickly and efficiently and she does not care if it is nonsense work at all. That is why it flashed back into my face. My magic had no place to go and my weak point was I was already stressed in that situation anyway. 

Two out of three isn’t bad.

My rule for this sort of thing was that if you went after my livelihood, you were fair game. Other stuff, I let go. Had I not had that rule, I would have magicked a lot of folks. Maybe the agency would have been better for it but I doubt that. When I did the magick that bounced back, I broke my pre-made rules for doing magick at work. That may be another reason why it smacked me upside the head, literally.

My rules for doing such things have expanded. If someone goes after my loved ones, my relationship with my wife, dear friends, my shop and a few other areas of import that are not as obvious, I am willing to smack that person around. Otherwise, no matter what people do, I am a live and let live sort of fellow. 

My next workplace magic post will be on magic I should’ve done but didn’t.

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