Friday, July 31, 2020

Blog Restart

The blogging bug hit me again today, July 28, 2020. From time to time, I entertain the idea and dismiss it. Time has always been a factor. That situations that took up my time are now cleared. Since the hay day of this space, things have changed in my life. So, for those do not know me directly, here is a brief summary.

I got married. Sold my house. Moved in with my in-laws so my wife could take care of her sick father. He passed. I started a retail mystic shop called The Open Eye. February was our three-year anniversary and we are doing well even with Covid-19. We bought a home in a very peaceful neighborhood. And, as of today, I retired from my day job at the ripe old age of 55 years 8 days.

My occult activities have retained its ceremonial magick roots, aka Golden Dawn style Qabala. That has morphed into something more meditative in nature. I often call it communion rather than meditation for reasons that will become clear in later posts. I am also into the powers of crystals and stones. 
Currently, I am bouncing around Yesod and Hod on the Tree of Life and working with planetary spirits.
I have become quite adept at doing mental magick. These magicks impact my mind and the minds of others. I do things that I call mind mapping and thought shifting. These magicks have had a huge impact on the life of others. These too will be explained in future posts. I have learned that changing the smallest thought in one’s head has a greater impact than anything ceremonial I could do. 

There are things you can expect in this new iteration of doing magick.

Again, this will be a diary of magick done and the results but expect nothing scholarly. I do not read a lot on magick. I just do things. Expect very little on practical magick, I have what I want on the mundane plane. I have also learned that by merely communing with realms, things just happen. Practical magick is rarely necessary for me. 

In the past this space was about me. That remains true but there will contain more about how my magick impacts the lives of others than in the past iteration. I am sure there will be a little about my shop, The Open Eye, as well but I cannot imagine that to generate anything of great interest or import. I do not see myself writing daily anymore but I can imagine a brief flurry of activity as I share the above and then maybe a post a week or so. We will see how it goes.

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