Friday, July 5, 2013

You Cannot Do Wrong

In the comments section  of the I Lost Touch with Reality post, Christopher Bradford wrote the following:

Good stuff.....but I think you're concept of wrong being impossible isn't complete. That is only a truth if you live without context; if we're looking at the broad picture it is also impossible to do anything that is Right. Morality is a social matter, based on community, and that includes the spiritual community--the disincarnate beings we relate with. If we choose to disassociate from community and dissolve into the source, we can be free of concerns of right and wrong.....but only then. When we choose to relate to other beings we are in community, and the moral standards of the community we identify with determines the moral polarity of our actions. Ha. Basically what I'm saying is the idea of there being "no wrong" only applies to those beings who've ceased to interact with the other beings....or have imagined that they do. Even sociopaths are aware a given action is "wrong"....they just don't give a shit. Same thing applies to good/bad. Morality frankly is a "truth", as it is a on I Lost Touch with Reality

I totally agree with Chris...except for this.

On this plane, from the standard human perspective, he is totally correct. However, when you get above all that and see the vastness of the great unfolding and the perfection inherent in all things, it doesn't hold true. I do not have a degree in philosophy so I cannot share this directly. Instead, allow me a few examples.

Example 1:

In my life prior life, the very bad thing happened and on top of that a group of people punished me for the deeds of another (as far as I can tell). The rationale for this decision was deliberately and willfully hidden from me. This drove me flipping crazy. I became angery (in truth angrier) and obsessive. This boiled and roiled within the pressure cooker of my own mind. That pressure propelled me to see the Perfection, the Unfoldinging, and the Wholeness of all things. This is the greatest gift I can imagine. For all the pain and suffering of those ten years, I have obtained a peace that many never obtain in this life.

In the short term view of the moment, what they did  was indefensible and wrong. In the long term view, they did no harm at all but contributed to my unfolding.

As part of that, I have learned that I am totally sane (in a crazy way) but I cannot deal with the passive-aggressive and the secret keeper personality type. I actually can handle the more clinically mentally ill much more easily. So, I simply set clear boundaries as soon as I see these behaviors. It has worked quite well. I very politely demonstrate it can stop or the other can leave. Either way, I am totally fine. 

Example 2:

In 1980 a drunk driver killed a young girl. No one can defend this wrong. No one. However, from that her mother, Candy Lightner founded MADD saving tens of thousands of lives. This tremendous unforgivable tragedy created a focal point for nation-wide revulsion at lax laws and needless deaths. Society unfolded just a bit because of this. In the long term view, no harm was done. Life does not end, souls are immortal.

I realize that this is easily said when it isn't you. However, I feel the same way about the wrongs of others I have suffered previously documented here.

Example 3:

Judas betrayed the Christ (oh Judas is so evil so bad) but without Judas the Christ mythos totally falls apart. Without Judas, there is no sacrifice. The power of that moment sustains Christianity to this day. Did he do right by doing wrong or does the unfolding continue regardless? In my view, it is the latter and probably the former as well.


Yes, we can do wrong by violating the rules of society as we know them. This can be spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or physically damaging in the short term to both the wronged and the person who performed the grievous act. In the longer term, all that so called damage contributes to the unfolding in just the same way all the mercy we bestow on each other does. The latter is just easier to see.

I do find a certain irony here. I have long argued that magicians have a responsibility and just because they do things magickally doesn't mean their actions are immune from 'rightness' and 'wrongness'. We have to be careful in what we do, how we do it and the ripple effect. As soon as I point out that long term wrong is impossible, people come out and tell me I'm wrong for that too!

Though, I must admit, Christopher can tell me I'm wrong all day long. He has such a kind and eloquent way of doing so.


Anonymous said...

I agree...Christopher is quite eloquent!

There are many (of whom I tend to be one) that believe that prior to our incarnation on earth our souls make contracts with other souls in our "soul family" or "soul group" with whom we travel through our life stages that we will provide certain opportunities in the next incarnation for that person to experience whatever it is they feel they need to learn. This can be a positive or a negative experience...but if we were to remember our "contracts" after incarnation, the effects of the experiences would be lost. Even though we may not remember in our next incarnation, we take the lessons we learn (whether we get it "right" or "wrong") with us.

So under that theory, those people would have "contracted" with you to provide you with whatever experience you needed in order to motivate you to see "The Perfection", as you call it. Others find it in other ways, from other experiences. Others come into this incarnation already knowing it...or merely needing to be "reminded."

In this sense, you may be right when you say, "you cannot do wrong." Everyone is at a different stage of growth and evolution. On the other hand, there is a difference between doing something thoughtlessly or because one's personality on the earthly plane is not developed spiritually to the point of understanding the hurt they are causing. To do something deliberately to cause pain to another individual, while a "moral" value, as Christopher pointed out, is something that I myself could not and would not give blanket permission for someone to do by stating that "You cannot do wrong in this world." There are too many people that are more than willing and that find enjoyment in causing pain, and I for one do not want to be the conscious perpetuator of such behavior, regardless.

Robert said...

I think we are really saying the same thing. As for what people deliberately misinterpret, I cannot live in fear of what they may do.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it is so much fear as taking responsibility for my words and actions. You can never know how someone is going to interpret your words, but you can give thought to how it might sound to someone else. Of course, this is more easily done when writing than when talking...I am the worst for making verbal blunders when speaking because my mind is never in gear at that point! lol