Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doing Dangerous Magick

I had an acquaintance come to me about a month ago. She said her violent ex-husband returned from Mexico to kidnap her child and take her to live with him down there. She obtained this information from a close relative of the ex. This person had no reason to make this up. So, she took this as a serious threat. She asked me for magickal aid.

I do not get a lot of this sort of work. I specialize in healing, soul readings, transformational development and that sort of thing. The few of these I have received, I referred to Jason Miller. I have no idea if they contacted him or not. This one felt like I needed to take. I know why but I am not sharing that here.

This sort of magick is very dangerous. Trying to keep a parent away from a child is serious stuff. Think of what it would take to keep you away from your child. In creating that sort of separation, you are very likely going to create a huge tragedy. So, I did nothing to create separation. I did ask her to confirm the information with others and she did.

She thought it was best to get him deported. I told her that it would be best to allow the magick to flow along the path of least resistance. Deportation may look like that path to us but other things may go on as well. For instance, he could have an outstanding warrant.

I sensed the threat was not immediately eminent. So, I took a couple of days to figure out the best set of rituals to perform. On the third day, I was on the disc golf course when I received  text that he was circling the baby sitter's house. My client was thirty miles away at work.

My only tool was pictures of mother, child and husband. Fortunately, I had separate pictures of each on my phone.

First, I focused on the child. I used the common sigil of Saturn. I concentrated on allowing the darkness of Saturn to hide her. As I gained a point of singularity, three medieval ax heads began spinning around her. This combined with the darkness seemed right. He couldn't find her easily and if he did, those ax blades may do the trick.

Second, I focused on him. This time, I called on Mars. I didn't mention anything of the situation. I merely conjured withing myself an intense purpose. A spear appeared with a red shaft. I hit him with it square in the chest.

That night the ex disappeared.

My client then went to the local police to report his activities. I do not know if my statement to her was fueled by intuition or not but it was then she learned he had an existing warrant for stabbing a girlfriend.

A couple weeks later, he popped up having filed a child protection complaint which earned him an immediate court date. The day prior, she went to the courthouse and talked to the bailiffs. They said they would take care of it, if she reminded them when he came in. She did and they did. He is now in jail on that warrant.

There is still some follow through to do on this for her but it looks things are good for the moment. Though the situation could still turn if he gets out or gets deported and comes back.

Frankly, this is dangerous magick...very dangerous magick. The potential for harm here was huge. The only reason I took a chance was that doing nothing had just as much potential for harm. The best outcome was that he tried and was caught on the spot. Even that could have severely traumatized the child. Who knows what this violent nut job would have done in Mexico.

I do not recommend doing this sort of thing unless you have an expert hand. One slip and you could feel very bad for a very long time. This is not the sort of thing I ever want to do again.

Tech note: This so called tech isn't a great deal of tech. It isn't something you'd expect from someone trained in ceremonial magick. The more deeply I connect with my Greater Neschemah, the less I do CM. Focus, meditation and background knowledge seem all that is necessary right now.

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