Sunday, June 30, 2013

Totally Embarrassed Myself

Posting by phone.

A couple of months ago I attended a class by Coyle and Duquette. Lon interrupted the class to ask my opinion on things goetic and what they were teaching because " you have successfully done this." Cool. I have to admit to an ego boost for Lon to stop a class and ask for my opinion.

Just 45 minutes ago and after three hours of classes Lon asked me to do the closing lbrp. Again I was taken by complete surprise, especially since I haven't done one in a year. I did it.  Unfortunately I forgot half the ritual! As anyone would be I was totally embarrassed! Mortified.

On my way home from Sacramento, I pulled off the freeway, onto a frontage road and did it right while focussing on where I was a half hour prior.

I find myself driving through Stockton and I am hit with the vision of perfection!! I laughed and all is well. Everything is so cool. Just after, I look up. The street sign is Wizard street. Thank you universe!!

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