Monday, July 8, 2013

As I Leave Things Behind

In life coaching class today, we discussed our life purpose and how to develop them with our clients. We were asked to share anything we had come up with. I said that I had one for many years. So, the exercise wasn't particularly helpful to me in that respect. I was asked what it was.

My life purpose is to live within the will of God.

Upon sharing this I was asked if I could rate that on a scale of 0% to 100% where I thought it was. I said I understand my place at about 60 to 70 percent. The instructor said no. He meant how much does that describe my life purpose. In my gut, how much does that ring true? I said emphatically, "One hundred percent."

Two people cried. Two said they were blown away. One of those had a hard time talking.

I realized then that not everyone thinks this way much less lives the life. I knew it but somehow this made it more real. It made me understand more the past conflicts, parted friends, misunderstandings, loves and all sorts of things large and small.

My confidence level is high; I know exactly what I am supposed to do. I live my purpose with joy and happiness. I leave behind anger, pain, control, knowledge and fear. Those have been replaced with purpose, mission, vision and love. I am amazed at the people I love, from past and present.

My mission is to teach and enlighten through the classes I offer, the MM and coaching.

My vision is of people knowing KNOWING they are totally worthy of God. I can see their smiling faces and open hearts. Nothing they can do diminishes that beautiful truth.

As I do these things there are some that cannot share what I embody as my truth: Perfection, Unfolding, Wholeness. They reject each part. They get angry at my silence or my quiet conviction and move along. Others, see something different. Of those, a few are willing to take a few steps with me. When they do, lives change. Incredible things happen. I smile. The beautiful part is any work is theirs and so is any credit. Pretty much, I just sit here and ask a few questions or share a technique or two.

Those that need another way go in peace. Their parting does not burden me and I pray I do not burden them.

This is what I am meant to do.

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Anonymous said...

I admire your purpose and conviction, and your willingness to express it openly. There are few of us outside of mainstream religions who feel this way, I'm finding. Although I left Christianity and started from scratch, as it were, to find my own path, my one heartfelt desire never changed. It is slightly different than yours, but close: Not only to "live within" the will of God, but to serve the Divine Will. Understanding what that is, in concrete terms, is not always easy for me, however.

I have a question: Do you believe the "will of God" to be the same thing for all people, or do you think that it is unique to each individual?