Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Lost Touch with Reality

When I first had my visions of perfection, I was a bit euphoric. I remember that someone criticized that perspective and said that I had obviously lost touch with reality. For some odd reason I recalled those comments today and these thoughts followed.

Before my visions, this is the reality I experienced.

  • I was confused by other people's behavior
  • I thought that behavior always denoted a wrong doing by my part
  • I believed an argument was pretty much always appropriate
  • I believed that there were good and bad people and events
  • I was angry, oh so angry
  • I believed there was a right way and a wrong way.
  • "God" and "The Gods" were mysterious and possibly dangerous
  • Christians were pretty much irresponsible
  • Evangelists were immoral
  • I and everyone else needed to do personal alchemical work
  • I was often difficult to approach.
  • I was a seeker
  • I needed help to grow. So did everyone else.
  • Serious spiritual work was always necessary.
  • Demons could hurt you.
  • I was obsessed with the very bad thing.
  • Passive-aggressive people fueled the obsession.
  • I suffered from PTSD
  • I am sure there was more along those lines.
Yes, I have totally lost touch with most of those things. In my new reality:
  • I know that everything is perfect.
  • Our souls and reality continually unfold and that process is perfect.
  • Everything is whole and complete.
  • Non-duality is not about the third thing it is the absence of the illusionary thing. For instance, there is only good. There is no bad.
  • I am happy.
  • It is impossible to do anything wrong.
  • "God" and "The Gods" are totally cool.
  • No one needs to do spiritual work. Things will just take longer if you don't.
  • Evangelists are immoral but that is okay.
  • I am a mystic/magician/teacher/healer.
  • Everyone grows regardless
  • Demons are our friends.
  • I am friends with a disciple of Christ.
  • I understand when an issue is about me or someone else or both.
  • I don't argue with anyone.
  • I have clear vision and see the cause and effect others miss.
  • I omit passive-aggressive people from my life.
  • If you want to be a jerk, that is totally cool. You're still perfect.
  • Jerks are just God cleverly disguised as assholes.
  • From time to time, I am euphoric.
  • I smile a lot.
  • Life is totally wonderful.
Yeah, I lost touch with that old reality. The question is, why would anyone prefer me in that old reality compared to this one?

P.S. I am still an insomniac but Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, is totally cool and helping me out with that.


Rose Weaver said...

Yeah... this is cool. :)

Unknown said...

Good stuff.....but I think you're concept of wrong being impossible isn't complete. That is only a truth if you live without context; if we're looking at the broad picture it is also impossible to do anything that is Right. Morality is a social matter, based on community, and that includes the spiritual community--the disincarnate beings we relate with. If we choose to disassociate from community and dissolve into the source, we can be free of concerns of right and wrong.....but only then. When we choose to relate to other beings we are in community, and the moral standards of the community we identify with determines the moral polarity of our actions. Ha. Basically what I'm saying is the idea of there being "no wrong" only applies to those beings who've ceased to interact with the other beings....or have imagined that they do. Even sociopaths are aware a given action is "wrong"....they just don't give a shit. Same thing applies to good/bad. Morality frankly is a "truth", as it is a necessary flower if community, which is the action if the unifying force (love) upon all things. Where there is sentience, there is community where love has drawn folk together, and where there is community there is morality. The nature of that morality is dependent upon the needs of the community, but it invariably exists. As long as you choose to exist, there is good, there is bad, there is right and there is wrong. No getting around it.

Robert said...

I totally agree with you and I disagree. I will write a follow up post to outline my distinction.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Christopher (I could never have stated it so eloquently!) and I look forward to Robert's response. I also have my concerns about demons being our friends. My path is radically different than yours, Robert, and I know we briefly discussed your philosophy about them; however, I have also seen them do great harm to other humans, so I don't know how this fits into your philosophy. Humans who do great harm to humans are not my friends either. In my world view these are the polarity of entities: Those on a service-to-others path, and those on a service-to-self path. There are always people at every degree in between...but those at the extremes are easy to spot. So I could not state unequivocally that "Demons are our friends" and I'm wondering how it is that you can?

Robert said...

Totally understandable question, I will answer that one in the next post as well.