Friday, June 7, 2013

Healing Visions

The more healing work I do the more I am aware that certain ailments look the same to my astral vision.

PTSD looks like we are made of white light and wrapped in black cloth. The trauma rips away part of that material letting the light shine through. It is my theory that the 'black cloth' is the barrier that keeps our souls from shining through before we clear up the dross. Severe trauma rips that cloth away and exposes our souls before either we our the world can handle that power. This accounts for a great deal of acting out not to mention extreme internal difficulties.

 Less severe emotional trauma is a bit more specific to the event. There are color patterns involved but these are more individualized.

Bipolar folks have very fast 'sticks' of energy that move in odd patterns within the astral cranium.

These patterns allow me to do better work as I don't have to spend as much time trying to figure things out. For instance, I learned today of a possible new symptom. Some time ago, I posted that I was working with a person that had an aneurism. After a bit of a break, I was asked to look in on some odd behavior this his wife thought may be depression or an increase in his confusion. I saw strange wisps of thought or etheric body rising as if some part of him was leaving to another world but that energy was weak. We didn't know what to make of it. So, I stopped the work. I am quite cautious. We have since learned that this person tried to poison himself. I know now that a similar vision may be a sign of a serious health risk. If I see that again, there will be an immediate appeal to see a physician.


From time to time, I am asked about my sharing my tech. I would but frankly I have no idea how to teach or copy this for anyone else. For the most part, my tech involves getting myself out of my own way. The less angst and doubt one has the better one does at this sort of thing. Speaking of which...


I haven't been posting much. Part of that reason is that I am deliriously happy and content. For all of you out there doing the difficult work, know that there is a pay off. You can get here too by rigorously following your path.

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