Saturday, May 4, 2013

That Which Is

As you know, my ontological awareness consists of:
  • the perfection of the unfolding
  • continual creation
  • the wholeness of all things
There is a difference between knowledge and awareness. With knowledge one reads about the labels other people assign to phenomenon and adopts them as their own. We then project that information onto the world making bold claims of our wisdom and perceptual abilities. This folly is a necessary step. 

I did this with the Tree of Life, describing events as being of Geburah, Chesed or Yesod. Further, I shared my 'wisdom' that this or that was of fire, water, air or earth. Still too I use this language for it is readily understood by those that share a path in part parallel to my own. These words exist to explain or deal with phenomenon.  In such both the description and resultant action are incomplete.

Awareness is to intuit the noumenon and to Be pure within it. Such states surpass the need to perceive, not only with the senses but with any part of human mind. Here exists spirit.  We can hold that the methods used by others to add meaning to earthly events by stating that an incident bestowed power and glory or defeat and expulsion as irrelevant politics. 

The politics of man is limited by the lower nature, which in turn is wholly confused for exalted spirit. So low are these games of ego that one cannot even say people worship the second father in ignorance of the first. Instead, at such times, we worship the orphan as its own parent.

To become a part of That Which is Itself for the briefest of moments destroys faith, as that too is an illusion of the heart. Faith though is much higher than the demigod bastard born of nothing but the illusion of personal import.  Being part of, destroys too the notion of the continuum of events (non-duality). Being part of, fully part of, if only for an instant, is to experience holiness. This not some pious show of the religious or spiritual peacock but instead a full moment experiencing the divine flow. 

The instant we label that experience with an emotion word, a sense of place or any other meaning, we step away only to long for a return, which is again failure. Success, victory, for lack of better words is one of a Spirit-awareness which exists on its own but is immediately veiled once the mind grasps for meaning. 

To remain in the experience is to be no longer of this world, no longer in this world, but instead to be of and with all worlds. 

So May it Be. 

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Rose Weaver said...

Very apt description; nicely stated. :)