Friday, May 3, 2013

Knife Fight

Peace is an odd thing. 

This morning, I awoke early and did the MM. I asked to be reminded of the unfolding perfection, perpetual creation and completeness. I was reminded of that all day. I remained calm, in place, perfect. People treated me differently in subtle ways. A meeting that was projected to be a angry disaster and to which I was seriously and explicitly invited as 'protection' and 'cover' occurred. Seating placed me between my friend and the dangerous fellow in attendance. Who said local government is boring? The meeting was calm, orderly, professional and everyone left friends. That is what happens when you bring Jupiter to a knife fight. 

I am now ill, running a fever but utterly content. I have not a single insecurity. My past exists but is irrelevant to this self. I am in love with everybody on the planet, including past enemies. Though, it is hard to remember what that really means. I feel good and happy while I am measurably sick. 

I love this state of Being.

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