Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dream of Awareness

Normally, I do not receive a lot of information from dreams. Last night was different. I dreamed that I was doing a task and someone was watching me perform. It had the feel of a scientific study rather than a work one would do for a living. At some point, I approached a piece of modern wall art. It was a print of mostly white with abstract flashes of color. I colored in sections of it and highlighted other areas using orange, green and purple. These are the candle colors currently on my altar.

I became mad at myself for defacing someone else's art. I was particularly upset at the cost I would have to pay the owner of the art, but even more so, I was beside myself over the orange square I had drawn and colored in.

Upon waking I realized the art was the art of life and the orange came from Hod. I am thinking too much. I am projecting those thoughts too much. I simply need to live and do what I know I am supposed to do and let the rest unfold on its own.

Note to practitioners: This is the advantage of having an ontological viewpoint that isn't constantly changing in eclectic orgies of inclusion. My qabalistic colors are easily perceived by both my conscious and subconscious mind. They help me communicate with myself like this in both dreams and visions.

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