Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh My...What Have I Done?

Living the Results of Magick

The title of this blog is Doing Magick. Of late, I’ve been living the results of magick, not doing it. That Prayer of Jabez has left me busier than a one ant army in a picnic ground.  I asked to have all distractions removed and I got it. I couldn’t get distracted right now if my home was invaded by a troop of midgets playing tambourines. 

This week, I am engaged to deliver five classes, three on tarot and two on the Golden Dawn. Since some of them are repeats, I only needed to write or review three of them but still. 

My work problems seem to be over. I’ve been calm, accepting, diligent, fun and efficient.  I am not fond of my actual duties but going to work is fun and I am having a good time. It took a lot of personal alchemy to get there. 

My territory is expanding in the form of new friends. Even the Conclave of the Greek Key has an applicant for admission. 

Last year I did a spell to make sure I’d pay off my car this year. I maintained discipline all year and will be successful within 30 days. All I have to do is write the check. I want to time things so that on the day I pay it off. I re-up that magick to begin paying off the house at a faster rate while increasing my savings. If it worked once, why not use the same thing again?

I am not one for doing magick and then pissing on the results. I’ve been following through as best I can. Though, I have noticed that my blog hits over the past month have dropped eighty to ninety percent. Given that I haven’t pissed anyone off of late, I’m assuming that is because I’m not posting much.  Though, the actual posts aren’t being read at the same clip either.  Most peculiar. 

The living the results of my magick can be expressed by a couple of tarot cards. The three and nine of disks. I will be explaining that on Qabalistic Tarot soon. 

That isn’t something I can really be concerned with. I’m going wherever that prayer takes me for now. It isn’t just that prayer. It seems like a lot of forces are converging right now. Various magicks bearing fruit all at the same time (spring).  

There is a lesson to be learned here. I am not fully sure what it is. Have any readers had an experience where multiple and apparently disjointed magicks all came to pass at once creating a bit of a psychic shift within? If so, I’d appreciate you sharing what you learned. If that sounds vague, it is because it is.  I am too close to this to really see it. 

I am longing to get back into the temple room though and walk the path of Sagittarius. Maybe next week.

Robert’s Pun of the Week

A friend was sharing with me her experience teaching conservative Christians. She said that she tried to point out that some prayers for ‘stuff’ from Jesus necessitate something being taken away from someone else. For instance, praying for a promotion means someone has to get fired or some other business must lose some income to create a new position. Yes there are holes in that argument but work with me.  She went on to say that means there must be negative miracles. I asked, “Would a negative miracle be called Miracle Whip?”

Yup, if you think my puns are bad in writing, you should have to hear them in person!


Frater Acher said...

Hi Robert, thanks for continuing to share your experiences with the Prayer of Jabez.

You know, I think you might not be experiencing and living the results of magick right now, but more the impact of a truly mystical approach. I don't know a lot about the prayer - only what you shared and what I found on the web - but it seems it is an approach that follows the path of the arrow or rainbow (i.e. directly from Jesod to Tiphareth to Kether) more than the magickal ascent following the body of the serpent of wisdom? Thus you are introducing a new element to the magickal blogospehre which I really appreciate.

With regards to your frequency of posts or who and when reads your posts, my two cents would be not to worry about this at all. You just gave your entire heart and workforce to God in the prayer of Jabez and maybe he is simply redirecting some of your energy and 'seed sowing activity'? At the end of the day you are not an entertainer or newspaper journalist - but a mystical voyager whose only accountability is to stay true to himself and the spirits (or in your case deities) you work with.

Two thumps up for your authentic approach and true spirit of mystical kavanah!

Robert said...

excellent points.

As for the blog hits, that was more in the line of an observation than a concern.

Ron said...

After reading your posts on the prayer, I decided to push that "red button" as well. As with you, my territory is growing and rather quickly. However, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I'm just stepping up to the challenge.

This kind of activity tends to blur the lines between magic, prayer and mysticism in my mind. I'm thinking that many magical workers don't utilize prayer as a resourse.

Robert said...

Ron, I fully agree. Prayer, should play a much more vital role in the Work. I am doing research and plan to write articles on the topic.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Susanne Iles said...

Your post drop is likely due to Google rolling out their new search engine formula. You will likely see an increase in traffic soon enough when the bots realize you are creating original content. A great deal of people were hit by the system some deservedly, some not deserved at all. You can read more about it here:,0,3215807.story

ps...really enjoying your Jabez results. Did you use the short prayer, or do you have a full ritual based on the Jabez prayer?

Robert said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the link. With Jabez, I just do the prayer. No CM necessary at all.