Thursday, March 10, 2011

It is a Conspiratude! Follow-Up to Stolen Car

As previously reported:

My car was stolen this morning. Hermes told me that I didn't want my car back. The household spirit or something was PISSED.

At some point this afternoon, I felt that into 'void thump' that told me magick had worked. Twenty minutes later, the cops called and told me they found the car. I have yet to thoroughly inspect it but it appears to be in good shape no property damage at first glance.

How am I to assess this?

A god that has always come through for me in big ways was wrong. Or was he? I got that message very quickly as I was sitting in my temple about to get to work. Was I not clear headed enough to hear clearly? Or, will the other shoe drop?

The odd pissed off voice in my head, was likely a house hold spirit that is feeling awfully pleased with himself but...

The officer told me this the second car he's found in the same location. I can see why a joy rider would leave it there as far as concealment but it is the side yard of a house. The owners called it in to the police. I'm not sure how many folks normallly steal cars and leave them in the same yard as other cars they have stolen. Most odd. Regardless, if this is the normal pattern for joy riders, the household spirit had nothing to do with it.

That said, I KNOW that void thump. That thump tells me my magick just worked. I didn't do any magick. Even if I did, I'd doubt it for the same reason I doubt the spirit.

So, I ask you, what the heck was that? How would you assess it?


Why the headline? The universe does not want me to own a hat! I like hats. My ex-wife killed my first one with a ketchup based attack! The second one was left in a restaurant last year. Now, my car is stolen and all they take is my hat and a coat.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the content of the message was "you don't want the car back" rather than "you don't need to do anything to get the car back"?

Robert said...

Maybe, I was going to send Andromalius, a spirit well known for retrieving stolen vehicles. Maybe he meant that was unnecessary. That isn't what I heard though.

yuzuru said...

Maybe the comment of RO in this post may shed some light on the intentions of the "angry spirit"

Robert said...

I liked RO's comment. He's come a long way in dealing with the Lesser Key spirits. However, I'm not sure I understand the connection you are making. Could you please clarify?

I may want to though in the mix that I was clearing the temple room to call Andromalius when I felt the call to Hermes and heard what I heard. Are you implying Andromalius had the car stolen just so I would call him? If so, that is an interesting idea.

nutty professor said...

When I first read Hermes'comment I thought you thought he was saying "Dude, you really don't want that car back!" Or perhaps, "you don't want that car back badly enough, your intent and desire for this goal is inadequate."

This is very interesting. There seems to be a lot going on in your house, very busy energies and perhaps a bit noisy within? How to find clarity?

Please keep us informed, I am learning from this experience

Robert said...

@Nutty, I took it the way you did the first time. You don't want the car back. As in, it is trashed or you are better off with out it. Shrug.

My house is very quiet energetically for the most part. There are many folks that come here and tell me they just want to nap because things are so calm. Shrug again.

Robert said...

of course it was funny. I do all this magickal work to pay the car off early, succeeded, and felt proud of myself. A decent financial awareness became an ego trap and thus my car was stolen.

That is funny.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your car was stolen and I'd like to say congratulations on getting it back... but something feels very out of place about this.

When I read that your car had been stolen I thought 'ah, disaster averted'. I've no idea where the thought came from but it made me think that the car was destined to be involved in some kind of accident.

The fact that this is the second car to be recovered in the same location is no coincidence. If I was of a particularly twisted nature I'd steal cars, tamper with them in some nefarious way and leave them in a place where the authorities know to look. Then sit back and watch the chaos ensue.

Kind of reminds me of the people who had their car stolen and then returned the next day with some cinema tickets and a note apologizing about having to borrow the car due to an "emergency". When the family returned from their complimentary cinema trip... they discovered that their house had been robbed. It was a set-up.

Robert said...

@Simon, I sure hope you are very wrong.

Ron said...

Robert, maybe you should ask Hermes about his statement in light of you getting your car back.

JM said...

If the statement was "You don't WANT your car back", that's not at all the same as "You will not get your car back". Likely that whatever values you intended your car to bring you in the future will be better served in some other way - a new vehicle, a new transportation mode, etc. Or you will meet other, new values better without it. The interesting part is that you DID get it back. So now you REALLY need to know why you didn't want it back.