Monday, March 14, 2011

My Frustration and the Magick of No

I must to confess to a bit of blogging frustration. I have so much to post about and discuss and zero time with which to do it. I had a great time at Fresno State University this week talking to anthropology classes about the Golden Dawn and the initiatory process those that work in that style undergo. Last Thursday night, WitchDoctorJoe and I spoke with a very attentive class. I think it is safe to say that we both had a great time tag teaming each other's responses to questions. Most of the time, Joe and I only vary in the subtleties of our opinions or perhaps the angle of approach. We laughed and had a good time.

He did remind me of his magick of NO. This works very well with my definition of the Three of Wands, Lord of Virture and how my magick is turning into the magick of Yes. I hope to share about that soon.

With thoughts to our brothers and sisters in Japan and those brave people trying to contain those nuclear plants, I must sign off to sleep.

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