Friday, September 11, 2009

Speaking with the Dead

I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming again. I am using my own system for getting there.Which, frankly, has not worked.

However, I am remembering more dreams and over the last month, I've dreamed of many dead people or people so far out of my life that they are to me (not in a bad way)

For instance, I dreamed of my childhood friend's sister Diana last night. She was simply confused as to who I am. Which makes sense as her world view is radically different from my own. I also dreamed of being the object of a Wiccanish, Golden Dawn, Illumaniti rite in which my recently deceased grandmother was the high priestess.I literally fell down laughing. Oddly, I had a similar laughing fit when Pan dropped into my life last February. More oddly, that is about six months time or just a little more.

I can not say that any of these dreams of the dead have revealed any great information, aside from perhaps the continuity of life. Yet, I find it fascinating nonetheless. I can not recall dreaming of the dead with any regularity at all. Though, not long ago, I had many a dream of people being killed and attempted murders. There is obviously death/rebirth theme going on in my psyche.

I have been doing a lot of work with the tarot pips, developing classes and the like on them. I am considering doing it at Pantheacon this year. We'll see.

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