Monday, September 28, 2009

The Elements

Of late, I've been in a study and think mode rather than get in the temple and work mode. As a result this space hasn't seen much activity.

On the upside, I am working on doing some elemental evocations and that should liven things up a bit.

At some point over the last month or two, I've begun playing with the interchange of the elements and the tetragrammaton. I have some good ideas but I think it is time to learn about the base elements. I will move on to sentient forms of the astral elements. Perhaps I will get a far as the specific but that seems to be a reach at this stage of my development.


Scott Stenwick said...

Regarding the elements and the Tetragrammaton, one of the things that my magical working group found is that it was much easier to work through the elements in density order (Earth -> Water -> Air -> Fire) than it was to work through them using the reverse YHVH order (Earth -> Air -> Water -> Fire) favored by most Golden Dawn magicians. We worked through all the elements twice, once using each sequence, and at least for us the difference was pretty remarkable.

Following the reverse YHVH sequence seems to result in people having all sorts of problems as soon as they start on Water, and a number of other magicians have told me that they have found the same thing in their own workings. We found that using the density order instead seems to eliminate that effect. If you happen to be experimenting with this or something similar, I would be very interesting in hearing whether or not your experiences are similar to ours.

Robert said...

Very nice advice. I haven't gotten that far yet. At the moment, my ideas have been contemplative but in that 'I get it' sort of way.

At the moment, I am working on developng the proper rituals and tools in order to make this happen.

Thanks for the input. I appreciate the voice of experience.