Sunday, September 6, 2009

The CM Way

Perhaps a better title would be "A Ceremonial Magicians Way. Regardless...

The intuitive types are often able to make great leaps with just enough understanding to have created a base and a target. I applaud their efforts and successes.

Some time back, My Gal and I worked the Tablet of Union of the Enochian systems. We diligently worked it row by row until all the vertical and horizontal rows were skried and recorded. At the time, someone, I can't recall who, posted something somewhere decrying those that have to take each and every step, endlessly cataloguing what they encounter. Apparently, methodical patience and practice was not this person's way.

This blog has not been as active because of the methodical work done back then. Having experienced the whole of the spirits of the elements, I have been enlightened regarding certain patterns. I am working on documenting those patterns for various classes and perhaps a book. The former will likely turn into a Pantheacon lecture. The latter may never happen. It depends on how long this energy patten lasts.

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