Thursday, December 3, 2020

How Magick Manifests

 Not long ago, I tested Spirit. I said, “Tell me something I do not know about some people I do know.”  I learned something about my friend Jenny’s cooking habits. And, I learned my daughter-in-law (DIL), is “consciously aware of a small fear of you.” I contacted them both and told them I needed an honest answer because I was confirming a new level of communication that I was experiencing. A magician that doesn’t test his sources is on the road to self-deception. Both women confirmed the facts I received.

Over a couple of weeks, it was hard to pin down my DIL’s fear. I inquired of spirit again, not to get a direct answer but, to learn a better way of communicating with her. I could have asked for a direct answer but I am also interested in relationship building and chose this direction. I was given a question to ask her. I asked, “Is your fear regarding magick that it is non-linear or do you fear that the source may be unholy?” She replied “Non-Linear”.  I am writing this in hopes of sharing with her how magick works.

In the West, we are trained to believe in the linear, logic, scientific assessment (unless it is vaccinations or climate change) and the like. We are comfortable with things having a reason for happening. If you pause long enough to look at it, we are imposing a world view upon a reality that does not correspond well with what we like to believe. While the universe can be seen as mechanical and perhaps is at times, magick and life are both a bit messier.

Mechanically, we can explain what happened to get that young boy killed by a train near Christmas Tree Lane a couple of days ago. His mother pulled forward thinking she was far enough off the tracks. She felt her vehicle move as if it had descended from the danger zone. She heard the frantic horn blasts but didn’t think it was for her. She misjudged by a foot. The train slammed into the car costing the young boy his life. Terrible. Mechanically that is a solid explanation.

What does it leave out? How did she misperceive the car’s position on the tracks? Why did her mind tell her the whistles could be ignored? How did it come to pass that the family chose that day and time to visit the attraction? Why was that boy in the backseat versus the other child? How did the train arrive at just that time?  We could probably find a mechanical answer for each question. Yet what happened was but one variation to an infinite number of scenarios where that event did not occur. Why did that event happen at all? And, at the time, it was so surprising, so unexpected, that it certainly felt non-linear to the poor mother driving the van. The boy’s father is going to have a reaction too. Will the marriage survive? Maybe or maybe not but, and here is the rub, whichever way it goes could be explained by a mechanical answer. Cause and effect. How can a mechanical answer be applied after the fact but not before? We should know what he is going to do before he does acts. If the universe behaved in a direct logical line, the future would be predictable in the short term.

The linear view is simply our own projection. That is not a description of how life really works.

Magick and life both work via the application of pressure moving a fluid through its natural course. In short, magick and life flow like water. This is easier to see with magick than with life so we will start there but first, simple fluid dynamics.

Think of a spilled glass of water on a dining room table. The pressure is the kinetic energy of the water moving in the direction the glass was tipped. From there, that natural flow of water is towards gravity along the path of least resistance. If the table is ever so slightly uneven leaning to the west, once the kinetic force dissipates the water will flow in a westerly direction. It will not, cannot ascend upward on the table. When it comes to the seam where the leaf could be inserted that crack becomes the path of least resistance. The liquid will not, cannot, hop over the crack and continue flowing west. Following its draw toward gravity and finding a new path of least resistance, flows down the crack and drops to the floor. If that area of the floor is ever so slightly uneven descending to the north, the water accumulates until it creates is own pressure and flows northward. The water cannot and will not go south.

Magick works exactly the same way.

If I do magick for a job that magick will follow its path to ground (manifest) along the path of least resistance. For simplicity’s sake, lets say that I have a lot of friends, three of them are in the industry I want to work in and I have put in twelve job applications so far. Most of the time I will predict that the magick will naturally flow to a place that a) has a job opening b) has my application in hand and c) a place where one of my friends has some influence in hiring. Rarely does it work out that way.

The influence of magick normally finds a weak point (path of least resistance) in ways we humans do not perceive until after the magick happens. In the case above, someone at my current job may have a friend that works in the industry. During a chat his friend mentions that he is looking for someone and knowing I am trying to change careers my coworker suggests me. No one else is even aware the job is open and no one else is interviewed. The magick influence one and only one conversation, the path of least resistance.

Magick appears to be non-linear but it follows the basic rules of fluid dynamics. Again, we just don’t know what that path is from our human perspective.

What happens when there is no path? Does our inability to spot the path of manifestation make magick dangerous?  Stay tuned for Part 2.


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