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Safely Manifesting Magick

This is Part II of How Magick Manifests

I left the last post with two questions. What happens when there is no path of least resistance? And, does the fact that we cannot predict where magick will manifest make it dangerous?

The answer to these questions is it depends upon the operator but yes, magick is inherently dangerous. So is driving a car, owning a gun and the poisonous cleaners we have in our homes. All of these things are more of a danger in some people’s hands than others.

Manifesting safe magick is a matter of the skill, experience and humility of the operater. Skill is the ability to do the magick. Experience is just like anyone else’s. Though, the lessons have to be learned a bit faster when it comes to manifesting in a safe manner. Humility means recognizing things that could be done better and making no excuses for error. A humble magician does not repeat mistakes out of a need to prove she was right the first time if some unknown factor had not crept in to the working. If the practitioner was right the first time, the ‘mistake’ would not have happened.

There are several principles I employ to keep my magick safe

1.      Never heat a closed circuit

2.      Use the right tool for the job

3.      Use a proper approach

4.      Word spells properly

5.      Never magick a child or pregnant woman

Never Heat a Closed Circuit

This basic fact was taught in my 9th grade Intro to Physical Science class. With a closed circuit the heat and gases have no place to go. This will cause your lab equipment to explode. The same is true with magick.

A closed circuit is a situation where magick has no place to go. This most likely time for this to occur is when attacking another person with magick but it can and does happen when the magick is intended to be helpful or benevolent.

A hypothetical example would be a man that wants to meet a girlfriend but is unemployed, rarely leaves his apartment, is not on social networking apps and does not have a wide circle of friends. This leaves the magick with no place to go. If he had no talent, he is likely fine. If he has some talent, nothing will happen. If he has a lot of talent, he will heat a closed circuit and the magick will explode. Perhaps, he falls down the stairs of his apartment complex and the rehab nurse takes a shine to him. I have related my real-life experience when I heated a closed circuit.

To prevent this, I make sure that the magick has someplace to go. In the example above, I would insist on applying for jobs, going to church and/or joining some sort of hobby club before I would do the magick. This way the magick not only has someplace to move but a wider path to success. So, even someone of some talent can get a result.

Using the Right Tool for the Job

There are spirits of the Lesser Key of Solomon that are said to heal. Those spirits are called demons by many. While that name can be debated, the term does aptly describe the danger of working with them. The very nature of these spirits seems to preclude healing. I would be very unlikely to use one except in situations where it is life and death and nothing else worked. Instead, I would use a spirit of Jupiter. Or, depending upon the illness, something related to the elements. I may use water for a blood ailment, for example.

In a similar fashion, if I needed a job, I would not call on a war deity like Mars. While I can definitely see some benefits, that may be like using a sledge hammer to drive a finishing nail. I can imagine Mars creating strife within a company to the point someone gets fired, leaving a job open. Yet, I wouldn’t want to work there if that happened. The strife would linger and the work environment would be war-torn.

Instead, I may call upon Hermes (for commerce and trade) or Hephestus (for trade craft). I may even approach a spirit of earth or the spirits of the Prince or King of Pentacles.

The point being is that there are many ways to get things done that will work but the practitioner must be smart enough to avoid creating a disaster by a poor choice of tools.

Use a Proper Approach

Sometimes magick takes precision and a lack thereof could result in disaster.

Imagine a marriage where there is a violent domestic situation. Two people must be separated for sake of the child. Magick could be done for outside intervention. The problem is that outside intervention may arrive as a concerned neighbor, another family member or a cop responding to a domestic violence call. That cop may have to shoot a parent in front of the child. Or, as leaving is the most dangerous part of such scenarios, the abuser ends up beating or otherwise harming the concerned neighbor.

Working internally to push the two apart where they have nothing but each other to blame, may reduce the chances of tragedy. Imagine if the abuser just gets totally bored with his victim or falls out of whatever kind of so-called ‘love’ held for the other. While still a dangerous situation, this approach is less dangerous.

An experienced magician can reduce the danger by being wise in her approach to a problem.

Word the Spells Properly

There is an old joke about a hungry man that finds a genie in a bottle. The genie grants him three wishes. The man says, “Make me a ham sandwich.” Poof! The man turns into a ham sandwich. There is a grain of truth here. I have known many a magician to get exactly what was asked for and been sorely disappointed.

I recall asking for something, seeing the spell work but not manifest correctly. I used a dictionary and looked up a word I used and the tertiary definition fit perfectly and meant something significantly different from the first two! From that point forward, I have made liberal use of the dictionary when crafting spells.  Imagine someone looking for a job and coming up with spell wording.

Manifest employment that lasts three years.

Manifest employment for me that lasts at least three years doing a job that I am neutral about or enjoy.

Manifest employment for me that lasts as long as I want to work there, that I enjoy, and allows me to save $500 a month.

The first statement could result in signing a contract for a three-year temporary job that you hate and doesn’t pay well! The result would feel like a prison term. Risking misery fits my definition of unsafe magick.

Also, since ‘for me’ wasn’t included. My best friend may land the job while I am still unemployed.

The second is better in at least we will not be miserable. The job may last longer than three years as well. This is handy if a recession hits in year two. With the first spell you are definitely unemployed in three years. The second may let you hang on even in tough economic times.

The benefits of the last spell or obvious but with those restrictions the spell may have a harder time finding a way to manifest. You better be networking, have resume’s in the mail and improving yourself in any way you can.

Never Magick a Child or Pregnant Woman

Children and pregnant people have a natural magickal protection. You may as well try to curse a goddess. Good luck. The best you can expect is nothing happening. The worse is more than the full force of your magick landing in your lap. Boom!

The exception is healing magick but still care is needed. A pregnant woman’s defenses are formidable.

We started this with the question, is the fact that we cannot predict where magick will flow make it inherently dangerous? My answer is no. Magick can be dangerous. Mistakes can be made. And, the best of spells can go awry. That said, a great deal of danger can be nullified by wise practices. I can recall times in the last decade when my magick did not work. I cannot recall a single dangerous outcome over that time period.

Next time: Is just being psychic but not doing magick dangerous in and of itself?

Below is my real-life example of heating a closed circuit.

Example of Heating a Closed Circuit

One of my first successful spells was one to “give me a job that will keep me financially secure for life.” I am forever grateful that one worked. However, I had not yet applied for work, had no real marketable skills, nor education and my past jobs did not contain a seed of a financially successful future.

The magick found the one path open to it, a job I wasn’t hired for a year before. They needed more help and all three people at the company, all family, took credit for remembering that I was going to be hired before the fellow hired his son-in-law. The day after I did the magick I received a call and was hired. This was another dead-end job.

So the magick wasn’t done. To complete the spell, it had to break through all the negative inertia of my job history. There was no place to go. My magick exploded.  I severely injured my back on that job to the point that I had to take two-inch steps for two years. To force myself to walk and move, I bought one day of groceries at a time. It took an hour and half to walk through the grocery store in agony. The job didn’t wait for me.

As I began to heal, I volunteered for Ross Perot’s petition drive. From there, I ran the Fresno Clinton/Gore ground operation. There I met a soon to be state assemblyman. During his campaign, I met his best friend.

When I applied for real jobs no one would touch me with a wonky back. The County government would. I was offered a job by every department because I blew out the entry level test. I ended up working below the politician’s best friend. I was promoted several times. I left that department for the job I worked until I retired. The spell completed.

I was also left with a horrendous amount of unexplainable back pain for the rest of my life.

That happened because as a rookie, I generated enough power to create enough magickal kinetic energy to move things forward. If I didn’t have the talent to raise that much energy, the spell would have ended at that first job. That magick was dangerous because of my inexperience. If I had it to do over again, I would have applied for a lot more jobs before doing the magick or at least registered for college

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