Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Secret is a True Lie

I encounter a lot of folks that have read The Secret. I am always hit with the same analogy. If you go to the mail box expecting nothing but bills, you will find nothing but bills. What you think, manifests. This is true but the example makes it a lie.

The reason it is a lie is the analogy is reduced to ease understanding to such a degree that the analogy is untrue. Allow me to complicate things a bit.

The reason you have bills in your mailbox is not because you think there will be bills in your mailbox. The reason is that bills are often delivered via the mail. One receives bills because one spends money. One receives an unreasonable amount of bills because one spends an unreasonable amount of money or one’s income is too low to sustain oneself.

In the first case, the manifesting thought isn’t the one expecting bills. The manifesting thought is something more akin to I need all this stuff or I am successful because I have stuff or I can spend all this money. There are a thousand variations. Those are the thoughts that lead to manifestation of unreasonable amounts of bills. Changing those to something like, I only spend on necessities or I buy financial security not objects will manifest a different reality and thus less bills.

In the second case, there can be many reasons for poverty. Some of those are in a person’s control others are not. However, even those who have more control over poverty than they think tend to feel that they are victim of circumstance. Maybe a person makes just enough money to pay their necessary bills. They may think there are not any better jobs out there. This is obviously untrue as many people occupy those jobs. Maybe the thought should be changed to I will put in the effort to qualify for a better job. Maybe the thought is Weekends are mine. True enough but if that thought was changed to I will find a part time job that allows me to work Saturdays one may find such an opportunity. Since one is already paying one’s necessary expenses all that money can be saved for emergencies. That is a huge stress reducer, financial savings as you don’t have to borrow to cover an emergency and a step out of poverty. Maybe, saving that money leads to an educational opportunity that boosts one’s earning potential.

My point isn’t to bash people that are low-income. As I said, there can be a variety of reasons that one is in that position that are truly out of a person’s current ability to control or overcome. I am merely pointing out how a single change in thinking can manifest a different reality. This applies every area of life. 

Control your mind; control your life.


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