Saturday, October 10, 2020

Protecting Yourself from Magickal Attack

People that hang out with those that do magick, risk falling under magickal attack from time to time. I do not know if the risk is more or less if you don’t hang out with magick users. In a previous post, I mentioned smacking some people around that threatened my job. Those folks were not magick users. They still wound up on the other side of my magick.

So, how do you protect yourself. Stones? Herbs? Protective spells or spirits? Perhaps.

There is something else. Magickal attacks hit your weak points. If someone wants to steal your mate, their first magickal attack will be to create a rift in your relationship. To prevent that, treat your mate with respect. Help your partner as much as your partner helps you. Do not cheat. Communicate well. Keep your finances in order. There is no place for the attack to hit.

If someone wants to impact your job, that spell will seek out a weak point. If you have treated your bosses well, done your job to the best of your ability, have not stolen from your employer, been on time and treated coworkers and customers professionally, your job is pretty safe. In order for you to lose your job, the attack would have to take out your employer’s business.

Similarly, if you eat right, exercise, abstain from heavy drinking, drug use and the like, a spell that attacks your health is going to have to work pretty hard to find an avenue into your body.

In order to make this work, you have to take an honest self-inventory. Denial is a killer. You have to list every fault and everything above that you are doing that you shouldn’t be. Then, fix each problem. Some of these issues can be solved magickally. Others solutions are more mundane. Still like all such efforts, using magick and mundane methods together might yield the best results.

Obviously, these things must be done before the attack itself. Magickal defense is a life-style.

If you make a habit of self-assessing your weak points and fixing them, magick worked against you is unlikely to be effective. The upside is you are living a pretty nice life as well. There is another upside as well. When you make magick to improve your life, it has all sorts of positive ‘weak points’ to work through.

Need a raise? Well, you’ve been working hard, treating your bosses well, showing up on time, being professional with customers and coworkers. A little magick to push towards a raise will find a lot of help because of what you’ve built.

There is no need to go through the list but you get the idea. Living a positive life of self-examination goes a long way to protecting yourself from the negativity of others. And, it puts you in a position to realize even greater benefits through your magickal efforts.

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