Friday, October 30, 2020

Asking For Help Through Prayer

Assuming you understand something about yourself is not in alignment with your soul, praying to get rid of that trait is unlikely to work. Only the gods know how often I prayed to be relieved of my anger and the impact it had on others. There are a couple of reasons why I feel those prayers were not answered.

First of all, I asked the deities in question to do something for me. I put all the work on them. That is like asking for help cleaning your home before a big event and sipping tea while watching all your friends do the work, not wise behavior.

The second reason is a bit more subtle. My anger was not the problem but a symptom. Had the gods granted my petition, I’d still be saddled with the same problem in another form. Perhaps, that new form would be harder to identify.

A great deal of my problem was perspective or a lack thereof. To me, whatever issue I was going on about was obvious for all to see. While I never thought this, my attitude was that people were willfully doing wrong. After all, if you can see the problem, yet act to perpetuate the issue, you are twice as wrong!

Once my perspective changed to one where I believe most people are doing their best most of the time, my need to express my anger lessened a great deal. Instead, I was saddened, not enraged. Attacking my anger directly was precisely the wrong approach.

Had the gods granted my request and removed my anger, they would have removed my ability to see what is out of alignment with the divine flow. That would seriously harm my personal spiritual progress as noticing that allows me to remove that which interferes. It would also have harmed my ability to help people that ask for my assistance. “That is wrong,” is met with resistance. “How would you react to that if you were on the other side,” is met with contemplation. As is, “When you do that, what energy is manifesting?”

Solving the first issue is easy. When you pray, ask for help. Help me resolve my problem with anger, is much better than, take away my anger. The gods will give you clues to resolve the problem, that is the help. Your cooperation is spotting those clues and acting on them. You’d be surprise how easy it is to change when you follow the bread crumbs long enough to find the path. Change is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other.

Solving the second problem is just as easy. By not identifying precisely how you want the help to manifest, you leave room for the universe to provide you with the answer you need, not an answer you demand.

You may be given an extra boon. I have found that many of the things I and others have asked to be removed were simply misapplications of proper energy. For example, a person’s need to drink may be born of a need to relieve emotional pain, an understandable goal. Yet actually healing the wound resolves the problem in a much more substantive way.  The drinker applies the drive for healing in an improper way. The modality is the problem, not the need to feel better.

This is important so another example is warranted. The person that cheats on his spouse may be looking for acceptance from others, even though his spouse offers the same. The problem is that the person does not accept himself. No amount of acceptance from others will resolve that. Instead, he must learn that he is worthy of his own love. Seeking acceptance from others is an incorrect manifestation of the energy of love. Love sought directly from others is nearly always a slight miss. Love yourself fully and one has love to give. That love is joyfully returned.

Love yourself enough to ask for help. Love yourself enough to notice the universe’s reply. Love yourself enough to act on those messages. You will find the path.


Luis C said...

I have been praying for years now. I just finnished a long seclussion process of six months that I spent praying for me to understand why is my life so messed up. I want to find the bread crumbs to the problem, I am not asking for G to snap his fingers and fix it all up (although if he did I would not complain by this times). However, no response, just pure silence. Just more and more detriment. More salt to the wound. My mind now a days cant ease of the F***ing failure I have turned out to be. I really cant take it anymore. But I see no way out, I see no where to get help, because really, who tha F** can help if not the Greatest. There is no psychologist, coach, or teacher who can help with a cursed life but Him. And perhaps a mague who has conections to the other side. What is your advice? It seems I am banned from the spirit world, either they cant talk to me or I am spiritually deaf. So, trying to contact the spirit world has not been of any help. (Sorry for all the bad vibes with this post, but thats me right now, and I AM SO TIRED OF THAT)

Robert said...

Hello Luis,
I am sorry for the delayed comment. I had a bit of a problem logging on to the comment area. If you do not have a serious organic mental illness like schizophrenia, I just may be able to help you through thought-shifting. If you do have something like that, I can try thought-shifting but I have doubts that it would help with an organic illness. It may help you deal with it but that is unknown territory for me. Also, if you have an illness like that, I can offer you one piece of advice that may be of value. Please email at the link on the blogger page itself, if you are interested.

Luis C said...

Hi, thanks for you reply. I have no schizophrenia, how ever I do have ADD (atention deficit disorder). I would be more than open to sugestions. My email is

Once again, thanks for your reply.