Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Goals as a Spiritual Teacher

Jason Miller posted a nice little article here that inspired this little post. Apparently, my friend the Druid posted something along this vein himself.

I now consider myself a teacher. It would be false humility to claim anything else after receiving comments like this from people that attend classes, he'd be lying to himself to say he was anything else.

"I think you need to get your passion out there to more people. I think people want to know that there is someone like you that can help them either learn more about themselves or teach them a skill that they can use in all facets of their life forever."

My goals as a teacher are pretty much the same no matter what class I teach and no matter what conversation I am having. 
  • Contribute something that asks people to think about themselves in a new or deeper way.
  • Challenge someone to take responsibility for their own spirituality.
  • Provide tool(s) that they can utilize on their own. 
  • Dissuade any thought that I have their answers.
When I succeed in this, my reward is the great joy I feel when they succeed. Often, my day is made by a little two line text or IM relating news about someone's success. 

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