Sunday, January 12, 2014

Burning My Nemyss (Lesser Key Working)

The Back Story

Some time ago, I got dumped by a woman. It pretty much sucked. Within a couple of weeks, I returned to her any belongings of hers that she left at my place and vice versa. Unfortunately, she forgot my nemyss which she had it because she was a seamstress. She promised to return it.

That never happened. There were a thousand excuses as to why she couldn't do that. Some sounded legitimate and some not. After a while, it became apparent that the likelihood of the return of my nemyss was quite small. After all, by this time it had been nearly a year, if not more since the break up. The last excuse was that it was in her ex-husband's house and he refused to let her in. Having met her ex and having been treated very well by a very nice guy, I found this quite difficult to believe. However, you never know right? I have no idea what transpired between them.

What was apparent was that someone was playing some sort of game with my property. Either the husband was holding it to be a dick to her or my ex was withholding it from me. Either way, someone's actions were pointless and petty. Determining the guilty party was both impossible and unnecessary.

Normally, I would not care much about a physical object but this was a magickal garment that I had worn in formal GD initiations for about a decade. I wanted it back. It had sentimental import. Aside from that, it is bad form to have someone else control your magickal items.

I have been in this position before. From time to time in my magickal life, people have withheld information about my life that should have been rightfully transmitted to me. I knew there was no recourse to reason nor persistence. Something else had to be done.

The Magick

In May of 2013, I called on Andromalius. The 72nd spirit of the lesser key.

"The Seventy-second Spirit in Order is named Andromalius. He is an Earl, Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man holding a Great Serpent in his Hand. His Office is to bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen; and to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People and also to discover Treasures that be Hid. He ruleth over 36 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, the which wear thou as aforesaid, etc." (my emphasis)

My process was simple. I laid out the required circle and triangle. I pinned the appropriate hexagram on my robe, wore the pentagram with his seal on the reverse and place his seal in the triangle.

I then did the manifestation mediation and then asked the spirit to appear. BOOM. HELLO. There he was.* Very quickly in my minds eye I saw him as he was drawn in Lon DuQuette's Illustrated Goetia. Then I felt him. There is no malice to this one. There is however an uncompromising nature. I have a feeling that if you use this fellow without just cause, you are in for a hard time.

I told him to recover my property. I told him that I was not interested in punishment nor retribution and that under no circumstances was the lady or her ex-husband be harmed. Immediately, I understood what had been stolen from me by others for quite some time.

People had played this game of hide and seek with me in various forms for about ten years, maybe twelve by now. Most of the time, the hidden object was information. In this case, it was physical but the same principle applied. For whatever reason, the passive aggressive people I was dealing with wanted my attention**, even if that attention is negative. Seriously? Whose issue is that? Of course, they loved to bash me when that attention was negative but in the end they were not only asking for it but seeking it. That put a whole new spin on things. I instantly knew that passive aggressive game playing like this had a quite negative effect on my mental, spiritual and thus physical health. I knew in a heartbeat that never again would I tolerate such behavior. Also, within that heartbeat, I knew that nemyss would be returned.

A few days later, a plan popped into my head. I was going to drop by the ex-husband's house as I was scheduled to make an appearance in an occult shop near there anyway. It turned out that I contracted pnueomonia or my back took a dive, I cannot remember which, and could not attended. Later, I told one person from the area my plan.

Within a week, maybe it was a few days, I received a call from my ex-girlfriend that she had obtained the nemyss as her ex suddenly allowed her in to retrieve it. I was also told not to tell anyone. Why I should keep it a secret that her ex let her into her old house was beyond me and I didn't promise to keep it. I found both the timing and the call to keep her access to her old home a secret interesting but drew no conclusions.

The item was given to a friend quite promptly. It did take me some time to pick it up. I was in no hurry as I trusted that person's safe keeping of my property. There is no way this fellow would do it harm or be careless. He and his wife had my complete trust. This trust was validated on my next trip down to that town when he gladly met me and gave me the nemyss.

The Theurgic Effect

"... also to discover Treasures that be Hid."

This working provided immediate understanding on how to deal with these types of people. I have sinced used it to great effect. All of my relationships have improved because of it. I have regained my trust of my fellow humans.

Since this working a couple of people have shared why they think that people want my attention. Their theories do make some sense. And, I have taken steps to alter my behavior to solve that problem, even though I have not bought into it one hundred percent.

Perhaps the Last Directly Related Act

Tonight, I did what I knew I had to do. I burned the nemyss.

This is not a rejection of my GD past or anything like that. I burned the nemyss for two reasons. First of all, it was an object that I allowed to be used in a game of mental hide and seek. It caused me some mental angst that someone that claimed to have once loved me would play with me like that, if indeed she did. Part of the GD lore is that a nemyss prevents possession. Someone literally used it to gain possession of some of my head space. For that reason alone, I couldn't wear that object on my head in ritual. Secondly, burning this allows me to take a physical action of resolve that I will not tolerate this sort of behavior at all. Even though I have demonstrated this by my actions several times over between now and then, I believe this physical action is more than symbolic.

The action isn't all that great a sacrifice either as I do have others in case I am ever called to wear one again.


In watching the nemyss burn, I felt the energy of those years of work flare off. It was like small bubble of power formed and then popped. I realized then and there that there is something to disposing of magickal items through flame.

Secondly, while it is cool to do a rite and get what you asked for so quickly. The cool part is how it worked. An idea came to me that was alien to my way of thinking and just the willingness to follow through on that was all that was needed to obtain result. This has expanded my tool box of thought.

Lastly, since that working so many of my relationships have improved that I am truly happy on that front as well.

* This was by far the easiest appearance of a spirit of the lesser key that I have experienced.
**They would never admit this. In fact, they would likely be correct in denying it. Such is true for most of us. We are shockingly unaware of our own motives and needs.


Chris said...

I have really enjoyed your blogging. Thanks for sharing.

Harlequinade said...

An excellent report of a skillfull use for the Lesser Key. Inspiring! Thank you!