Saturday, January 18, 2014

Answering Calls to Prayers

There are several calls for prayers in healings hitting the Pagan/occult communities on Facebook. One is for Donald Michael Kraig and the other for Morning Glory Zell. Both are alive but fighting horrible illness.

Years ago, someone from some internet group asked for a candle to be lit for someone. I can't remember who or about what but that does not matter. My response was that I was never sure what to do in cases like that. How was lighting a candle going to help? The retort was something like, "Why can't you just do this little thing for someone?" That person did not understand the seriousness of my question. Either that or she did not know either. Sometimes we just do things for the illusion of being useful but that would discount the reason why such gestures entered the common experience.*

Three years ago a wife of a friend passed over.** He asked that people do rites to help her with her transition.

I had no idea how to help with that but I did pop into my temple room with her in mind. I did my LBRP, BRH and Middle Pillar and, as I started to say a little prayer, she was there. I knew instantly that she had no idea who I was. We had only met a couple of times and years apart. I acknowledged her presence and told her how I knew her. I do not recall but I do not think that part registered for her. I believe at that point, I just told her that her husband had asked us to do rites for her. She accepted this and I prayed for the ease of the transition of her spirit. She watched but a bit confused as to why I would do that and somewhat grateful or comforted.

As I try to recall this incident, I know my memory is hazy on details. The point in sharing is this. Those thoughts and prayers you have for the recently departed are felt by them. Just like with the living, you don't' have to do anything fancy to show compassion and caring. Just like with the living, those little gestures are appreciated and make folks feel good. The world needs a little more feeling good.

I have reason to suspect that even the awareness of the living is touched by such things done in secret. Though, they may not know why they suddenly feel a bit of peace, love or tranquility. So, light a candle, do a rite, say a prayer or do whatever you do at least for those you know, and maybe, once in a while, for those that you have never met. A little selfless love can go a long way.

*Perhaps, someone like Jack or VI can wax poetic on the history of such rites.
** It seems longer than that but I seem to recall a recent Facebook post in her memory that mentioned three years.

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