Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Power of Destructive Magick

I am a firm believer that we should acknowledge our dark side. When someone does something truly hurtful or mean-spirited, we all have that place where we fantasize about a delicious head bashing. Sometimes we allow ourselves to fantasize of unleashing of evil curses that cause pain and suffering. Some of us, have even let those curses fly. I am sure, somewhere, there is a reader of this blog that has relished the moment as his or her enemy suffered under a magical onslaught unleashed in the quiet of the night. Such thoughts and deeds make us feel powerful after life events have made us feel weak.

These acts and the emotions they stir are simply manifestations of our souls at the time. They are perfect like all others. I fault no one for them.

There needs to a distinction made before I share more. When someone is doing harm in the now, there is nothing wrong with thwarting that harm. You move away or, if you have to, bonk them on the head. There is nothing wrong with defending yourself in the now. We must protect ourselves before we can serve others.

Now means now. Now, does not mean ten minutes after the threat has departed. Now, does not mean some future moment of possible attack. That you prepare for. Having a plan B is always wise, even if you do not have use it.

Moving on, let us accept the neo-platonic idea that the return to the godhead is possible. Then let us accept, for the moment, my vision of the perpetual and perfect unfolding of the human soul. Given this, unleashing destructive magick is at best a short term win. Eventually, the soul one is so hell bent on damaging will obtain the very peace we are seeking to prevent. From this view, destruction is impossible. All it does is delay the other person's realization of his or her unity with the godhead. This disunity is what caused the original destructive behavior to begin with. It will also create future so-called negative behavior. Perhaps that pain will not be inflicted upon us but does it matter? The result is more pain for humankind. What we are really doing is causing more harmful behavior. Why? Because it makes us feel better? More powerful? Obviously, this is pointless ego.

On the other hand, reaching within the destructive persona and setting healing energy in motion accomplishes two things. First, it heals the pain of the other. Secondly, because that pain is healed others are not harmed by the 'illness' previously present in the other. This removes or prevents impediments to the soul-unity of the primary actor, as well as the unknown other(s) that would have been harmed in the future. In short, we become a primary actor in the unification of the collective soul of humankind.

This isn't just benevolent altruism. Peace is the natural state of humanness. Lack of peace is the result of unresolved disunity. That disunity is amplified by the resentment we still hold for the other after we do destructive magick. By working on healing with a full heart that bears no resentment for the happiness of the formerly destructive other, we are one step closer to full unification.

Isn't that what magick and spirituality is all about?


Yvonne Chireau said...

this is very thoughtful, and important. thank you.

Mark Stidham said...

Great article. Not what I was searching for but maybe I can find the answer this way. I am trying to understand why destructive magick is easier. But what I mean by it or use it for is the destroying of something negative just for an example say a tumor, or even someones negative intent or negative emotions toward me.Although I have been blessed with results with creative magick the other seems easier quicker and more desired results. Again of course I am not talking about doing harm but 'destroying, something undesired or negative

Robert said...

Perhaps destructive magick is easier because we are linked to the petty ego from which it derives and are creative magick needs a link to something here. Healing is always creative magick even when it is destroying something like a tumor.