Monday, December 30, 2013

Manifestation Meditation Lessons Learned #1

This is series of short posts share things I have learned doing the Manifestation Meditation. These lessons are personal and you may disagree. There is nothing wrong with that. They are things my soul has taught me about how I need to live. They are not intended to reveal how you ought to live in anyway.

There is freedom in restriction.

Each soul has its own peculiar nature. The personality often expresses this quite well but appends to that an expression of its own misunderstood nature. So-called sin, is not the violation of a societal ethic but grasping for things outside your essential Being. When we come into full contact with the soul, this grasping no long occurs. Partial contact makes the desire to grasp easily conquerable. 

Consciously choosing to stay within the confines of the soul results in a freedom unlike any other. Stepping away from your being causes stress. Maintaining a position within one's being reduces internal stress to nothing. This also prepares the way for stronger contact with the external divine. 

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