Sunday, December 8, 2013

Learning to Rest

Since my soul healing in February and my understanding of the Perfect, Unfolding and the Wholeness, life has become progressively easier.

As long time readers are well aware, life was hard for a very long time. I don't mean hard like living in Iraq hard. I mean things of my own impurities, as well as life damage. These appear to be all but gone. What used to drive me up a tree and fill me with angst now appears as not only a normal life problem and the solutions are obvious. Things move from mildly negative to smooth almost instantly.

I have been working on the MM book. Mostly trying to find the right voice for my audience. I am making slow progress. I even have a surprise project in the works that you folks may enjoy. At the moment, that project is the only thing moving forward.

Today, I tried one of the newer MM versions*. I was told the doors to writing the book are not open because I need to learn to rest. It is time to smell the flowers and enjoy the peace. My drive to aid those to find this is well-placed but premature in all but those places I am currently working.

To my mind, this is well-earned. At the same time, I feel a bit selfish and impatient. There are things to do.

* There are now 3 versions of the MM, as well as 3 levels of each. This creates a nine-fold practice.

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