Friday, September 27, 2013

Your Pain is an Illusion

If you find yourself in spiritual pain, know this; It is not real. The pain you feel is the illusion of separation from That Which Creates. Being separate from the divine flow is impossible. You are exactly who are you are supposed to be in this moment. And, in this moment, if you feel the need to improve or the need to experience greater closeness to the divine, you will do what it takes to achieve. That doing is happening even if you feel like you are going backwards. Feeling like you are moving backwards or sideways or in the wrong direction is an illusion too.

The human spirit, given a long-term view, is only growing. It can do no other thing.

The only reason you are in pain, is because you choose to be. Irritating isn't it?

You are not consciously choosing the pain. It is very real to you. Your soul has created that illusion in order to teach you how to see so many other things as the illusions they are.

Within you, is perfection. Stop fighting it. Let it unfold.

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