Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Proper Expression of the Soul

The errors we make are educational because every action expresses the will of the soul. Errors are born by the personality misapplying that will or as I sometimes call it, soul talents. If one is making a consistent error, correction begins with the question, what am I trying to do? For instance, after a religious argument realize that you are not trying to belittle a man for his beliefs. You are trying to correct his path. What are you trying to do in correcting his path? Help him live in alignment with God. That is only three steps: Belittling; correcting; aligning.

Start there. How can I help a man live in alignment with God? Step one, listen to him now. Listen intently to his understanding of God. Watch closely his actions. See what moves him away from that understanding. Softly speak to him of that which moves him away. Guide him back to his own understanding. Not yours.

From there, he may grow into a deeper understanding as he chooses. Your job is done. Someone else may help him go deeper.

Of course, this is just an example. It isn't even mine but it is someone's. Draw an analogy in your life for whatever your issue is. Find your soul-talents and begin to learn to apply them.

Correct expression is utilizing those soul talents with the proper sense of timing.

Proper expression of your soul begets love in all forms. You see the wide variety of ways people love both you and each other. You will even feel a humble self-love.

Love is the Law; Love under Will.

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