Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life Traffic

This is one of those posts I hate making. It is just comprised of the little things I'm going through at the moment that I can't imagine is of interest to any of my readers. I record these things as reminders to myself as I reread old posts.

  • My mentor's advice is becoming so subtle that I am amazed that I even recognize it as advice. You may have noticed subtle is not my forte'. 
  • I have noticed how even though an issue has been resolved the habit of dealing with said issue takes longer. For instance, my back is utterly and completely healed. If you drink aspartame, STOP! That said, I will move on occasion as if I am still in pain. I have to remind myself that I am not. I have noticed this on a few emotional issues as well. My obsession still rears its head through more of a habit of thought than anything else but there is no animosity behind it anymore. These thoughts are easy to dismiss. 
  • I have been working on private classes of late.
  • There was a moment at a wedding I attended the weekend before last when I realized I was perfectly healthy of mind and spirit. I was/am the person I've always wanted to be. 
  • Plans for the goetic working continue. I will be buying some metal soon and fashioning a seal.
I plan on posting more interesting things in the near future. 


Frater Serpentis et Aquila said...

I've been seeing your blog on RO and others' blog rolls for a couple years now and for whatever stupid reason, this is my first visit.

I like what you've got to say and I'm glad I found your blog.

Robert said...

Thanks for saying so. It is nice to hear good words once in a while. Welcome aboard.