Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have noticed that my dreaming patterns have changed. I have one repeating dream that results in a fear reaction. That fear reaction showed me how far I am away from the path of Samekh. That dream now results in excitement mixed with only a small tinge of fear rather than being completely scary.

Other random dream situations that would have resulted in a fear reaction no longer do. For instance, the night before last, I dreamed a few nuclear weapons had gone off and more were expected. There was no fear. I was with friends. We did our best to react smoothly to the changing situation but we did not fear.

Another theme that is occurring more and more often is dreaming of being with magicians of some skill/reputation. Last night, it was my former coven leader, John Michael Greer and Don Michael Kraig. Other times it has been other folks including my mentor and ancient Japanese mages whose names I do not know etc.

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Risuna said...

I strongly believe that dreams have meaning in them - that dreams are there to warn the dreamer bout things that are happening in their life that they are no aware about or to warn the dreamer about something about to happen

I've used for years now, & I'm very grate I found it - it's helped me out a lot ^-^