Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting My Ass Kicked

Well, I am trying to arrange for this working of the Goetia. The Goetia is a book of the Lesser Key of Solomon that contains lists of demons a magician can conjure.

I am fine all day at work. Once I get home  I am exhausted, cranky and want to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch something mindless on Netflix. I am "out" of printer paper, which I know I have around here somewhere. My Goetic tools have vanished. My head is burning like I stuck it in a microwave. This guy may slow me down but he is NOT going to win this little battle. Frankly, the harder he fights the more I know I can take him on. If I couldn't raise him and set him on task for the betterment of all, he wouldn't fight me. He'd let me call him and have my ass for lunch.

Note: I received my first critique from Steve today. Damn, the whole page was red! Thanks for putting up with me so far. My writing will improve.

Edit: Now my printer will not print the seal. I was going to do this the easy way with technology. I suppose that will not be possible. The game is afoot.


Karmaghna said...

Funny how blockages manifest. I have been experiencing the disappearance of magical items that I have kept for more than 25 years with the thought that I would some day use them. Now, when I want them, they come up missing.

James Warlock said...

Dear god working with Goetia is hard work isn't it? It's powerful stuff, but one has to be damn careful.

I think the conclusion I reached after my - admittedly rather brief - set of workings was this: a demon will push you exactly as far as you will let it push you without you 'snapping' and destroying it. If you are at all shaky in your intent, or in your 'rules' for its conduct, or in your expectations in its performance it will take complete advantage of it and walk all over you. You must remain strict and give it no wiggle room. "If you do this, if you break this rule, I will destroy you utterly" - and be completely psychologically ready to follow through.

If you're firm and are clear that you won't back down on your threats, I think they behave extremely well and serve very effectively. But if you aren't committed the demon will do *everying* to make you miserable that doesn't cause you to destroy it. They know your weakness and they will use it against you.

Good luck with this, and all other, workings. By bringing the demon under control you are, in some small way, improving the whole Universe for all of us.

Robert said...

That last sentence indicates that you understand the concept of tikkun.