Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tarot Pips Class Part Duex

Well, the first tarot class with the power point presentation went quite well. The second one was not so hot. There were a couple of problems.

1)I took something that needed 30 visuals and reduced it to a few handouts and poster boards. This made things awkward and choppy.

2)Since I tried to rewrite to be okay without visuals but didn't put in huge amount of effort to do so, it fell flat

3) The first audience was more inclined toward the qabala. The combination of qabala and new ideas was too much for audience. I should have toned it down for the audience.

Overall it was a learning experience.

Good News: I can now study and write what I want and I am going to seriously delve into some some study and doing some magick. The latter will likely be documented here. The former will likely be documented elsewhere.

Note: I know how much work I have to put into a class. When I steal someone's material, I give them full credit like any good researcher should. However, stealing someone's whole book and putting it on torrent is something else. If someone did that to me, I'd curse him and I don't curse. Someone was dumb enough to that to Frater RO. Someone is going to quickly understand the junction point of demonology and proctology. Go get 'em RO!

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