Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am a bit of a pain in the workplace. I am always irritated. I once told some that she was what politicians were talking about when they speak of cutting waste in government. I am calmer now than I was then but still. I get away with it because I work hard, do an excellent job and really care about the over all department, our services and the tax payer. That can get you a long way in government work.

Regardless, I don't like that I am so cranky there. I have prayed and meditated. I've worked various magicks all having some impact but never the final blow the solved the problem outright.

Then I started working with the elements in the simple pattern that I devised and hinted at in the intro to my tarot class I posted. People actually smile when I enter their offices. We laugh and have a good time.

It would appear, simplicity works.


Rufus Opus said...

Another tactic seldom attempted and even less appreciated: don't be a dick.

Sophia said...

I always find the need to complicate things. Why do we humans like to make things so elaborate?