Monday, July 27, 2009

Show Appreciation

Warning, this is going to sound preachy.

There is a woman who works near my office. She and her friend Willie are constantly seen outside their office on smoke breaks. Willie has an infectious laugh and the woman is always ready with a smile. Naturally, I insult them on a daily basis. I tell them they are typical government employees, always on break. From time to time, I've given the woman instructions on how to properly kick Willie when he gets out of line. The banter is meaningless but it makes the day a little better.

Today, I learned the woman's name, Jennifer. I now know this because Willie told me she was in a horrendous traffic 'accident' on her way to work Friday. She was hit by a woman on meth. Both Jennifer and her mom on in intensive care and it isn't looking good right now.

Jennifer, Willie and I are not good friends. I barely know their names but for making each day a little better, they have been little blessings in my life. We often tell our loved ones we love them. How often do we take a moment and tell the 'little blessings' that they matter, that they make the day a bit better? Wouldn't such a statement make their day?

It doesn't cost a great deal to let people know what they do for you. Jennifer may never hear those words. Do you know a Jennifer? What will you tell her tomorrow?


Lazy Magus said...

In my opinion, for what it’s worth, you don’t necessarily have to tell people who are not “close” to you how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t hurt to do so, but actions seem more genuine than the words themselves. People know how you feel about them based upon how you treat them. The bantering that you did more than likely made their day just as it did yours. It’s not the words that they remember. It’s the acts of kindness, and in your case, the humor that you shared with them that they’ll attach to the memory of you. The old adage that kindness goes a long way remains true. The same goes for humor.

My hopes to Jennifer and her mother.

Frater POS said...

nicely said.