Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Expression of The Ego

Our behavior, words and actions, is not intelligent. By that I mean the vehicle of expression is mechanical in nature.

The Ego has control over these mechanics using them to express itself. Said ego is always at war, fighting something, convincing, controlling (even in a negative way), game playing, and the like.

As we begin to grow spiritually, the ego is softened because the energy that circulates through it is slowly is purified. The wallflower slowly speaks. The boisterous become less noisy. The crowd pleaser becomes genuine. The ego, still expressing itself, finds there is less to express.

When the higher faculties become active, and having witnessed the proceeding the ego expresses itself in reverse. Internally, it begins to control by stating that anything expressed is of itself and therefore of little consequence, a failure of the spirit to supersede the lower nature. This attempt to control is a final gasp.

Eventually, one learns the following.

The ego expresses itself.

The less ego there is, the less the expression.

The soul overwhelms the ego when the ego has been sufficiently lessoned.

The soul expresses itself then through the vehicle of the ego.

The ego either uses the energy of life or becomes a conduit for it. It’s desire always the former, its true function the latter.  

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